New research indicates leading an active lifestyle prior to spinal injuries can aid in nerve healing during the recovery period.

Staying active is a proven way to protect your health. Regular exercise and hobbies such as walking or bicycling increase flexibility and keep muscles strong. An April 10, 2019 report by Science Daily indicates regular activity can also protect you if spinal injuries occur. According to a team of researchers, routine exercise can help to ‘prime’ nerve cells. This makes it easier for the damaged nerves to regenerate themselves.

Healing After Spine Injuries  

The spinal cord is comprised of a collection of nerves, which run from the brain throughout the length of your back. These nerves carry signals to and from the brain to your arms, legs, and other body parts. They also control body functions, such as breathing and respiration. “There are 31 different pairs of nerves running through the spinal cord,” states Dr. Jason Sparks of Spine & Orthopedic Specialists Tulsa. “Damage to any of these nerves can have a profound effect on patients.”

Spinal cord nerves can get damaged due to accidental injuries, overuse, and chronic medical conditions.

This impacts mobility and causes pain throughout the body. The quicker the nerves can regenerate, the sooner the patient recovers. Researchers claim that stimulating this regeneration is one of the biggest challenges in treatment. Physical therapy has long played a key role in the recovery process. However, this new evidence indicates that the person’s activity level prior to the injury is an important factor as well. The more the spinal nerves stimulation through exercise and other daily activities, the quicker the nerves recover when an injury happens. “When combined with other non-invasive treatments, physical therapy helps patients regain strength and flexibility,” says Dr. Sparks. “It makes sense that being active prior to an injury would give you an advantage.”

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