How to Prepare for Spine Surgery   While surgery is always the last resort when it comes to treating spine disorders, it is often the best path to wellness – some back problems simply do not respond to medication or physical therapy. Your spine surgeon takes great care to provide the best possible outcome of your… Read More

An orthopedist is a specially trained doctor who diagnoses and treats disorders of the musculoskeletal system. That would include your bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and spine. Patients typically come to Spine & Orthopedic Specialists in Tulsa after experiencing a work-related injury, an accident at home, or in the community, a disease of the musculoskeletal… Read More

Aging changes your body. You lose muscle mass and bone mass, for example, which can make you weaker and more prone to fractures when you fall. Age can bring about problems in your muscles, joints, and bones. Back pain, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis are just some of the orthopedic health problems that commonly come with aging.… Read More

Whether you’re recovering from a broken bone, joint replacement, a sports-related injury, or dealing with arthritic pain, being active is important. Regular exercise strengthens bones, slows down the loss of muscle mass as you age, and reduces both muscle and joint pain. Staying active improves balance and mobility, too, all of which can help you… Read More

Coronavirus put life on hold for millions of people around the world. COVID-19 did not stop the need for essential medical services, though, as thousands of people still need surgery and other medical care. Spine & Orthopedic Specialist continues to remain open, and is taking extra safety precautions to keep all of our patients safe… Read More

A March 23, 2020 Oklahoma News 9 report detailed additional closures of businesses throughout the Tulsa area as a result of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Office workers and school students throughout the area are adjusting to working online. Unfortunately, at home work spaces can create challenges. Employers and school administrators make a concerted effort to provide desks,… Read More

Spring Break Brings Increased Risks On March 10, 2020, the University of Tulsa announced that in light of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), it would begin holding classes online. Colleges throughout the state and across the country are doing the same to protect students and faculty. The decision does not impact spring break at UT, which… Read More

Orthopedic health problems are extremely common. Some of the conditions most commonly associated with orthopedic health include arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, and lower back pain. These ailments are extremely painful, and keep individuals from living an active lifestyle. As the conditions become more severe, they can also lead to severe joint and bone problems. As patients… Read More

Salamanders, spiders, starfish, and other creatures have the uncanny ability to actually regrow lost limbs and body parts. Among humans, there are often traits we have that are in some way similar to what is found in the animal kingdom. According to an October 10, 2019 , the ability to regenerate worn cartilage in the… Read More