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Spine Motion Matters

Understanding disc degeneration.

When a disc forms tears or cracks, it begins to lose water, causing it to become thinner and absorb less movement.This is the process of degeneration. A degenerated disc also can herniate, bulge or rupture, pinching the spinal cordor nerves and causing loss of feeling, weakness, pain, or tingling in the arms and hands.

Traditional Treatment Options

Before artificial discs were available, patients would traditionally receive a procedure called anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF), which can alleviate the pain from a herniated disc. In fusion surgery, the disc is removed and replaced with either a bone spacer or a plastic implant. This restores disc height and removes pressure on the pinched nerves or spinal cord. A metal plate and screws can be used to hold the implant in place.

The result of ACDF is a segment that can no longer move because it is “fused.” Another drawback of this procedure is that it can create additional stress on the spinal levels above and below it, which can cause degeneration at those levels and lead to more surgery.

Advanced Treatment Option: Mobi-C®

Unlike the bone spacer or plastic implant used in fusion surgery, the Mobi-C® artificial disc is designed to allow the neck to maintain normal motion and potentially prevent adjacent levels from degenerating.

Mobi-C® is designed to replicate the natural motion of the cervical spine. Mobi-C®‘s mobile core slides and rotates inside the disc, automatically adjusting to the patient’s natural cervical spine movements.

Advanced Treatment Option: activL® Lumbar Artificial Disc

Unlike spinal fusion surgery, the activL® Artificial Disc can relieve pain without permanently immobilizing the vertebrae in a patient’s spine.

Surgeons insert the activL® Artificial Disc in place of a shrinking or worn-out spinal disc. The disc’s mobile core shifts to adjust to human body movements, reducing lower back pain and giving patients a greater range of motion.




Mobi-C® Cervical Disc


I’ve had a hurt back since I was 12, and was always told by doctors that it would always be bad. Then I met Dr. Parchuri and he changed all of that with an artificial disk replacement between my L4 & L5. Its been 6 months since surgery and I feel amazing! I received a full release last week. I thank the Lord Jesus for Dr. Parchuri and the skills He gave him! I’m 34 and all other surgeons wanted to do a fusion. I would have lost mobility and needed future surgeries, but with the artificial disk I didn’t lose any mobility! Thank you so much Dr. Parchuri ! -Kim


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