Treatment Options If you are suffering from pain or a spinal injury, Dr. Parchuri provides the following treatments and procedures in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Parchuri will tailor a treatment plan that is designed to fit your goals and help you get back your life.  All non-surgical treatment options will be exhausted prior to consideration of more invasive procedures. … Read More

Non-surgical Options: Activity Modification and Proper Lifting The initial modification is rest, then slowly increasing activity with proper lifting mechanics including bending at the knees and not bending the back. Weight Loss Losing weight can drastically take the strain off the back.  If you gain 10 lbs., your back feels an additional 70 lbs.  If you lose 10 lbs.,… Read More

Surgical Options: Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion – ACDF (neck fusion) This procedure is performed when a patient has a pinched nerve in the neck.  An incision is made in the front part of the neck.  Using a microscope and minimally invasive techniques, the pressure on the spine and nerves is removed and the bones… Read More