The short answer to the question as to when to see a doctor concerning your neck pain is as soon as you sense something is ‘not right’.

Neck pain is more than just an uncomfortable condition that prevents you from engaging in your normal activities. Depending on your symptoms, it could be an indication of a serious underlying health condition. Even if it turns out to be something relatively minor, our doctors at Spine & Orthopedic Specialists Tulsa can help. We treat patients every day suffering from a variety of symptoms, providing the treatment they need to resume a normal, pain-free life.

Common Symptoms Associated with Neck Pain

Neck pain often occurs suddenly, and in some cases the cause is immediately known. Maybe you were involved in a car crash or suffered some other type of accident that resulted in whiplash. Perhaps you slept wrong, or were sitting in an uncomfortable position that caused muscle strain. Whether you can attribute your pain to a certain set of conditions or the cause is unknown, it is important to see one of our doctors to avoid doing any additional harm.

Pain Science advises that while neck pain is common and often not indicative of any major underlying disease, it is important to visit your doctor when you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Pain that has been bothering you on and off for several weeks;
  • If pain appears to be getting worse, rather than better, over time;
  • When you suffer chronic headaches and are unable to move your head in a certain direction;
  • If neck pain is accompanied by a fever or chills;
  • When you experience weakness in your arms and shooting pains in various limbs.

Contact us immediately or go to your nearest emergency room if yo experience any of the following: you experience sharp, stabbing pain in the neck region, the neck is painful to the touch, or you are having difficulties with balance, This could be indicative of serious problems in the spine or in the arteries in the neck which have the potential to cause permanent disabilities and may even be life threatening.

Conditions that Could Be Causing Neck Pain

Ruling out traumatic injuries or serious chronic ailments and diseases, there are a variety of reasons why neck pain may be occurring. Your neck is made up of vertebrae and tissues, with cervical discs acting as a shock absorber between the bones. Healthline advises that any inflammation or abnormalities throughout this region can result in neck pain, which can potentially impact other areas of the body. Common types of conditions associated with neck or cervical pain include:

  • Slipped or herniated discs;
  • Pinched nerves;
  • Degenerative disc disease;
  • Muscle or tendon strains, sprains and strains;
  • Arthritis and other conditions stemming from chronic inflammation;
  • Fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders.

At Spine & Orthopedic Specialists Tulsa, our doctors have the training and experience needed to diagnose and treat the causes of your neck pain. Contact our office and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced orthopedic doctors today.