Back pain is a common problem many people experience. It can occur suddenly as the result of an accidental injury or it can build up and get progressively worse over a period of months or even years as a result of overuse and strain. If left untreated, it can prevent you from engaging in activities you enjoy, and could result in permanent disabilities. At Spine & Orthopedic Specialists Tulsa, our doctors and staff take an aggressive approach to identifying the causes of your back pain and finding ways to help you get relief. You may be able to avoid chronic pain and the need for surgical procedures by getting treatment early and protecting your back at work.

Work-Related Back Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 20 percent of adults struggle with some type of chronic back pain, often as the result of work they do in the course of their jobs.

Your back is comprised of a series of muscles, bones, and tendons. Damage or inflammation in any area can cause of host of other symptoms, such as pain upon movement and numbing or tingling throughout the arms, hands, legs, and feet. The CDC states that lower back pain is among the most common problem, and is often either the result of work-related injuries, or due to poor posture, overuse, improper bending and lifting. Underlying issues that can result in back pain include:

  • Soft tissue injuries, such as muscle or tendon sprains, strains, and tears;
  • Herniated or slipped discs;
  • Arthritis and related conditions;
  • Neuropathic pain, such as sciatica;
  • Damage to the vertebrae.

Anytime you suffer back pain, you should report it immediately to your doctor. Contrary to popular myth, it is not something you ‘just have to live with’. At Spine & Orthopedic Specialists Tulsa, we have a variety of diagnostic testing and treatment procedures we can use to help make living-pain free a reality for you.

Protecting Your Back

Whether you work on a construction site, in an office, or at a retail establishment, certain types of tasks you perform can put you at risk for painful back injuries and chronic conditions. The Mayo Clinic advises using caution when extending heavy force, doing repetitive tasks, or even sitting at a desk for long periods, all of which can make back pain more likely to occur. You can help to protect your back and avoid doing further damage by following these tips:

  • Pay attention to posture. Sit or stand up straight, keep feet flat, and distribute weight evenly.
  • Bend at the knees and tighten core muscles when lifting or carrying heavy objects.
  • Use conveyor belts, automatic lifts, and other machines when possible.
  • Keep items on your desk within easy reach, and get up regularly to stretch and walk around.

If you have problems with back pain,  contact our medical team at Spine & Orthopedic Specialists Tulsa. We can arrange an appointment at either our Tulsa or Claremore office so that you can get the help you need to be pain-free.