Oklahoma voters recently approved State Question 788 which allows for the use of medical marijuana for pain management. Physicians may also have the option of recommending medical marijuana.

Residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma who suffer from serious back, hip, and joint pain may soon be able to obtain medical marijuana. Indeed, Oklahoma voters went to the booths and approved State Question 788, legalizing medical marijuana in the state. The legislation was supported by Oklahomans for Health. The nonprofit organization engaged in extensive outreach to voters, in order to legalize medical marijuana throughout the state.

Now that the measure has passed Oklahomans suffering from a variety of physical pain, may benefit from medical marijuana. Under the measure, individuals must possess a license in order for the medical marijuana to be dispensed. Those in favor of State Question 788 have emphasized that it could change the face of pain management.

With the passage of the measure Oklahoma is now the 30th state in the U.S. to allow patients to use medical marijuana; with physician recommendation. What is particularly unique about the way Oklahoma will handle medical marijuana is that a doctor can recommend it for pain relief or pain management for any medical condition. In other states medical marijuana can only be recommended for certain conditions, and can be amended by legislators. The Oklahoma State Department of Health has 60 days from the date that the legislation passed to create a regulatory office to handle medical marijuana license applications and matters related to medical marijuana recipients.

According to Dr. Kris Parchuri of Spine & Orthopedic Specialists in Tulsa, patients who suffer from chronic or acute pain often have difficulty finding an immediate or effective method of pain management without seeking advice from an orthopedic specialist. As Dr. Parchuri said, “injuries and chronic pain take many different forms. It is essential to tailor a treatment plan to every patient individually.” In some cases, people who need a doctor’s assistance with pain management should learn more about the benefits of medical marijuana.”

There are many types of traumatic and chronic pain that affect Tulsa residents. In some cases, NSAIDs such as Advil or Tylenol may be able to relieve pain. In other situations, patients may turn to different medications such as steroids, narcotics, muscles relaxants, or even pain modifiers.  The specific type of pain the patient is experiencing plays a factor.

However, medications may not be sufficient to manage a patient’s pain, resulting in an orthopedic specialist recommendation for alternate options. In some cases, non surgical measures or medical marijuana may be able to help with certain types of pain. Now with the passage of SQ 788; Oklahoma physicians may recommend medical marijuana to help a patient manage his or her pain. Contact us today at (918) 286-3124 to discuss your pain needs.