You Can Build It We Can Help ; cement for broken back

This content was written for Dr. Parchuri.

Have you ever been to the Home Depot? He ever walked down the building I’ll. Have you ever gazed at the different selections of quality concrete? They have made concrete that nowadays is harder than steel or iron. They make concrete that is flexible. But now they have come up with a concrete that is safe to put inside of your body. It is cement for broken back, and the doctors at spine and orthopedic specialists Dr. Parchuri and Doctor Sparks have mastered this art. Give them a call at 539-664-4448 to find out what this amazing product is and how you can get it done for you.

There are new technologies made every single day. Scientists are coming up with better solutions, more effective fixes, more cost effective mixtures. They have found a way to make a concrete epoxy that is so thin that you can squeeze it through a syringe. But at the same time it becomes super super hard, and fixes tiny fractures in your spine. This allows you to fix your vertebrae before it eventually breaks. It would be like if you get a small rip in your pants, if you are to keep wearing them and you bend over, you would most likely rip them completely apart. But someone who is smart, at the first sign of a rip, they would get that sewn up, making bad rip, actually stronger than the actual fabric because it has more material there now. The same thing with the cement for broken back.

Cement for broken back is a very effective patching solvent that the doctors at spine and orthopedic specialists, Dr. Parchuri and Doctor Sparks love to use it. This allows them to treat your bones, without cutting you open and performing surgery on your bones. Surgery is very invasive and takes a long time to recover. So they try to use every method available before settling on the option of the surgery. With this cement, they are able to inject right into the bone with a crackers. Just like your shorts, they see a rip and they patch it before it gets too big and too dangerous.

Recovery is very very minimal with this type of procedure. Probably just a little bit of a Bruce from where they had they had the needle and the syringe. And you might be sore for a couple weeks after that, but you won’t have a huge scar, or months and months of recovery where you can’t move or bend over or pick anything up. With this outpatient procedure, they are a you are able to go back to your normal daily tasks, but probably just take it easy on lifting things while this solution cures in your body. Most epoxy only takes about 1 to 2 days to cure completely.

So get back your life and rediscover what a pain-free day feels like. Call spine and orthopedic specialists at 539-664-4448. Then Dr. Parchuri and Doctor Sparks change your life forever, as they use the latest and greatest procedures and technologies on your spine and back, to give you that better quality of life that you have been looking for. Don’t wait till it’s too late.