Take the first step towards achieving a pain free life by giving us a call today.

The first call

When you call us you will be immediately greeted by a compassionate voice and a team of people who are ready to meet with you and to listen to your needs. When most patients come into our office they tell us that they have been suffering with pain of some type for a prolonged period of time. Before calling us many patients report experiencing shooting pains, debilitating aches, intense head-aches, and overall inability to function on a  daily basis. And it is from this point that we take the time to sit down and listen and customize a treatment plan designed to help you get your life back.

Customizing your care

When patients are evaluated by Dr. Parchuri his training allows him to utilize a unique approach to address your pain needs. His training as a surgeon and pain specialist allows a tailored approach to treat pain and eliminate it. Most of the time Dr. Parchuri tries to avoid surgery at all costs.

Getting your life back

Everyday, many of us take for granted the ability to move around freely without experiencing pain. However, when you lose the ability to be pain-free everything changes. Trips to the grocery store become agonizing journeys you try to avoid. Picking your kids up becomes impossible. Playing sports and staying active becomes something that you accept as no longer being a part of your life. At Dr. Parchuri’s practice, we believe that no one should have to go through life this way. This is why we are passionate about helping you get your life back. Call us today and together how we can help you rediscover what it fees like to be pain-free once again.

Take those first steps and call today. If you are suffering from a spinal injury or chronic pain then it is time. Time to take the first step. Call today at  539-664-4448