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At the office of Dr. Parchuri and Dr. Sparks we focus helping you live pain free. We will take the time to connect with you on a personal level and we will go out of our way to make you feel both comfortable and confident in the staff we provide. Our extraordinary staff is committed to getting helping you get your life back.

Lisa C.

Nurse Practitioner

Email: lisa@sostulsa.com

Heidi T.

Office manager

Email: heidi@sostulsa.com

Sarah A.

Referrals /Marketing Coordinator

Email: sarah@sostulsa.com

Tasha F.

Personal Injury and Workman’s Comp Coordinator

Email: tasha@sostulsa.com

Terri C.

Front Desk Coordinator

Email: terri@sostulsa.com

Jennifer B.

Front Desk Coordinator – Midtown

Email: jennifer@sostulsa.com

 Stephanie W.

Discharge Desk Coordinator

Email: stephanie@sostulsa.com

Chrystal B.

Surgery Scheduling

Email: chrystal@sostulsa.com

Ashley F.

Dr. Parchuri’s Medical Assistant

Email: ashley@sostulsa.com

Tiffany D.

Dr.Sparks’ Medical Assistant

Email: tiffany@sostulsa.com

Hari P.

Durable Medical Equipment Sales

Email: hari@sostulsa.com