Patient One

“I heard about Dr. Parchuri when my worker’s comp attorney I was dealing with recommended him to be the one I needed do deal with with my situation. My life is different now after working with Dr. Parchuri. The nagging aches and hurts I had in my neck are not there anymore. Just the facts of life it’s easier to wake up in the morning knowing there’s no more headaches.

Dr. Parchuri helped me get some of my life back, just simply by the fact that I could concentrate on my work better. I could focus on what I was doing, because I wasn’t dealing with pain. When my grandchildren were over, I was able to play with them, without worrying about if they bumped grandpa in the wrong way it was the end of play time.

I would recommend Dr. Parchuri to other patients, simply because I feel like I’m dealing with someone who cares what’s going on with me. He talks to me like a real person. Doesn’t use doctorese. He’s taken me over and shown me, specifically looking at the MRI screen what the situation was and what he needed to do. He said it in very simple, easy to understand language. He didn’t make me feel intimidated like some doctors will.”

Patient Two

“My name is Merrell Pace. Doctor Parchuri was referred to me by my primary physician. I got t-boned by a semi, dragged 400 feet. I had quite a bit of damage in my lumbar on my neck and the pain was unbearable. I couldn’t stand it. I put if off for a year and a half, but I couldn’t do anything and I was in agony. Every second of the day. Couldn’t stand up straight, couldn’t walk more than 10, 20 feet, was in bed most of the time. I lost 40 pounds of muscle. The second I woke up from surgery, my pain was gone.”

“When it hurts to take every step, it makes a huge difference. My biggest mistake with this whole thing was putting off surgery too long because I could of got out of pain a year and a half ago. If you’re hurting, have it done. Just do it. Now I can move, I can walk, I’m up to 12 blocks, and twenty steps, and life is good. If you’re hurting, there’s no need to be hurting.┬áIf you have decreased range of motion and ability, just have the surgery and get it done. I’ve had a lot of surgeries and this was the best care that I have ever had.”

Patient Three

“My name is Teri Price. My pain was off the scales before I came to see Dr. [Parchuri 00:00:14]. The pain definitely limited what I could do physically. I could no longer drive very far. I couldn’t pick my grandkids up. I couldn’t walk through the stores to buy groceries without hurting. I was getting to the point I needed a cane to walk, and I walked like somebody that was 30, 40 years older than I am now.”

“I would definitely recommend it to anybody to have that surgery done. It’s changed my life, so has Dr. Parchuri. You know, compared to what I felt before the surgery, I feel great. I can do so many more things and I’m excited because I know the more I heal the more I’m going to be able to do. I can have my old life back.”

“Life has changed drastically for me. Dr. Parchuri’s a miracle worker. He really is. He’s a life saver. I can hold my grandkids. I can play with them. I can go shopping. I can drive again. I can do my housework. If I drop something, I can pick it up and not even think about it until afterwards. I’m like, “Hey, you did this. It didn’t hurt.”

“I can sleep without waking up with pain. I can sit. I can stand. I can walk. I can do all those things that human beings should be able to do. My knees don’t hurt all the time. My hips don’t hurt all the time. I don’t have the constant pain shooting down into my leg. It’s just been a 180 degree life change for me.”

“If I hear of anyone that has back issues, I tell them, “You need to go see Dr. Parchuri.” He’s a miracle worker for me. He really was, and I know he can help anybody.”

Patient Four

“My name is Samantha Junod. Before I came to see Dr. Sparks, I’ve been in pain for about 5 years off and on most daily depending on how much activity I try to do. It affected my life to the point that I was having trouble exercising and doing normal things like cleaning my house the way that I use to and taking care of my child and it just, there were limits on what I can do each day. I had a lumbar fusion at the L5 level.”

“After surgery for the first 2 weeks was pretty rough because they went in through my stomach and that was a big source of pain but after 2 weeks I can tell that the back pain was basically gone. I wish I would have done this sooner, a couple of years ago. Yes I would recommend Dr. Sparks, he is a wonderful surgeon, he explained everything thoroughly. I was nervous beforehand but after talking to him in depth, he made all the fears go away and he is a very caring doctor.”

Patient Five

My name is Pat Crofts. My pain before visiting Dr. Sparks was extremely intense. I thought it was a hip issue and it turned out to be a lower back issue and I had consulted with other doctors who couldn’t get it and I was finally referred to Dr. Sparks and he immediately recognized what the problem was and went about fixing it. Yeah, it was extremely painful. I had a hard time sleeping, I couldn’t do very little physical activity and I was very, very limited to what I could do.

I had a lower back surgery to repair a bulging and eventual ruptured disc. It’s completed improved my quality of life because I’m able to do pretty much what I need to do again. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Sparks not only would I have recommend him to several co-workers and other people because of the success I had with him.

Patient Six

I heard about Dr. Parchuri through my chiropractor. Dr. Parchuri helped me get my life back with going through and trying to treat me without doing surgery. We did surgery as a last step, and once we had done that, it’s just been great. It’s been wonderful. I used to not be able to drive without hurting. I got to where I couldn’t stand at work without hurting. Now there’s no pain. I can stand, I can drive, do laundry, clean house with no hurting at all.

Since Dr. Parchuri treated me, I am pain-free. I’m able to do my regular duties as a wife and a mother without pain. I would recommend Dr. Parchuri for his office staff and for his self. He is a really great doctor. He’s very friendly, he’s upfront, he’s not going to lead you around and treat you wrong.

Patient Seven

Speaker 1:

Hi, this is Mr. Williams and his wife. He had surgery approximately one month ago. He was having difficulty walking because of severe lumbar spinal stenosis. He in fact came to my office in a wheelchair, had difficulty even getting up to get on the operating table because of how bad his pain was. He is seen four weeks after surgery now. He has a walker but he’s actually able to walk without the use of the walker. He’s not taking any pain medications because of how much his pain has improved.

Mrs. Williams:

Would you like to see him walk?

Speaker 1:

Absolutely. Can you walk for us, Mr. Williams? (Mr. Williams stands from his seat and walks) Great. That’s something you could not do just a few weeks ago, correct?

Mr. Williams:


Patient Eight

My name is Alice Brown, the pain I had before coming to visit Dr. Parchuri was low lower back, down my legs into my feet to the point that I couldn’t walk without a brace. My activities had decreased, I just had completely become more sedentary no walking of any kind, no shopping. It changed my life to the point, that I was just only going to work, and coming back home. I couldn’t ride my horse, I do horseback riding, it had gotten to the point where I couldn’t get on or get off.

I had lower back surgery with Dr. Parchuri, he fused two vertebrates, and from the day that I got up after surgery I had no more pain. No pain down my legs, I was able to walk, I was really amazed. From the first time I stood up, I did not have the previous pain, it improved drastically faster actually.

I am back to doing things, and it’s still a bit limited because my surgery hasn’t been that long ago, but I’m out of the brace, which is nice because I’ve worn the brace for almost a year. I’m able to walk, I go out and I walk now. I’m still limited on some of my physical activity.

I came here as a second opinion, and I liked him so well I stayed. I would recommend Dr. Parchuri, and have recommended him for my friends that are experiencing back pain, and I will continue. Back surgery is very scary and he really made it easy.

Patient Nine

My name’s Eve Williams. I heard about Dr. Parchuri from my husband. My husband had surgery from him several years ago. He really liked him, and I really liked how he did my husband and everything. When I started having problems, I went ahead and called Dr. Parchuri’s office. He did surgery, and the surgery relieved a lot of the pain and symptoms I was having, numbness and everything. Pretty much got me back to functioning normal. A lot less pain, a lot less headaches. Overall, my life’s been a lot better since I’ve come and gotten treatment here. I’d recommend him. He’s a wonderful doctor. Very friendly, very good bedside manner. Very thorough, very precise in what he does. I’ve got a lot of respect for him, he did a great job.

Patient Ten

I heard about Dr. Parchuri from my medical doctor. My life is different since Dr. Parchuri has treated me because I’ve actually got my life back after surgery. I’m pain free. I’m able to go and do everything that I enjoy doing as before my accident. It’s like night and day. Before, it was a constant battle of everyday was just trying to push and get through to the night time where I could take my pain pills and muscle relaxers. Since surgery, I have not have had any of that. My everyday normal activities are back to normal. I mean, it was to where I couldn’t do anything without having pain. Even my job, it put a strain on my job with the discomfort that I was having. Now, I’m even just being able to take my kid out to go to the movies or go to a game or anything like that. We’ll go ride and I’ll race her for the weekend, I don’t have to take any pain pills. I’m good to go.

He did an absolutely wonderful job. I would recommend Dr. Parchuri to other patients because he is wonderful. He did an amazing job. Very minimal pain. The hospital stay was absolutely wonderful. His staff was great in treating, helping my husband, everybody was generally of A+.