We Get to Know Our Patients on an Individual Basis

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We are here to help you feel better in terms of your pain that you have been dealing with and our amazing doctor will help you get there. Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. graduated from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences and then went on to study at Oklahoma State University and Texas Back Institute. He Is Well-Versed in All of the Latest Instrumentation and Procedures Available for the Relief of Tulsa Back Pain. We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we will promise to bring you committed and dedicated orthopedic spine surgery and pain management right here in your hometown. We are ready to exceed your expectations and bring you the very best treatment and service. Be sure and give us a call today at 918-664-4448 or visit us online at www.parchuri.com.

We want you to be whole again and not in pain. There are steps to take to make sure that we create a brand-new you. If you have been living with chronic pain in your life, you need to understand that there are treatments and options available to get back to living the life you are destined to live. We look forward to sitting down with you as an individual and finding the appropriate plan of action and procedures to service your back pain needs.

Our office is always at the cutting edge of procedures and equipment. We provide the techniques and instrumentation to help our patients recover in a shorter period of time. This allows for a quick return home in the ability to recover in the comfort of your own house. Our outpatient procedures are both minimally invasive and extremely effective. We can have you home the same day your procedure took place most of the time, and this allows you to heal and be relaxed in a comforting environment. By using our minimally invasive procedures such as anterior cervical disectomy, cervical laminectomy, cervical amino plastique, cervical laminotomies, lateral lumbar interbody fusion, or posterior lumbar laminectomy, you can get the procedures you need that will cause the least amount of harm to your body. Non-minimally invasive procedures can often times damage muscle tissue that is around the area of the incisions. Let’s not create another problem by solving your pain problems. Trust the doctor at Tulsa spine surgery and get the relief you need in an expert and caring manner.

You will enjoy your first visit at our office to talk about your pain. During your consultation with Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O., we invite you to speak freely and voice your concerns and opinions about what type of procedures you might be interested in for your spine surgery. We want to be your partner and walk you through the procedures and recovery process. We know that there are no two people that have the exact same problems, and we want to find a solution that is right for you and your lifestyle.

We really want to get to know you unlike other offices you have experianced. By getting to know our patients on an individual basis, we are able to form relationships and prove that we are trustworthy and committed to bringing you pain relief that will dramatically better your life. If you are dealing with chronic pain on a daily basis and it’s inhibiting you from performing the activities you love to do with the people you love, it’s time to say no to pain and yes to a better life. Be sure and call us anytime or visit us online. If you like, we would love to see you in our relaxing and comforting office as well. We are located on 91st St. in between Harvard and Yale and we look forward to seeing you soon.

We Can Help You with Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Spine Surgery Experts at the Offices of Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O.

Having back surgery doesn’t mean the same thing that it meant 10 years ago. When you are talking minimally Invasive Spine Surgery is becoming the trend and the method of choice over traditional spine surgery. This type of surgery, utilizing much smaller incision and endoscope, typically results in better clinical outcome, less pain and scarring, faster recovery time, lower risk of complications, as well as a reduction in healthcare costs. Tulsa Spine Surgery provided by Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. offers the widest range of minimally invasive procedures available in the area. Contact us today at 918-664-4448 for more information on all of the services we can offer. Living pain-free has never been easier than it is with the experts at Tulsa Spine Surgery.

This is one of the more common types of back pain, and it is located in the middle of the back. Mid back pain can occur anywhere along your spine starting just below the neck and stopping at the bottom of the rib cage. Twelve vertebrae called thoracic vertebrae (T1-T12) make up the mid back, and since these vertebrae are attached to the rib cage, their movement is limited. The middle back does, however, absorb pressures placed on the spine and it also provides structural support to the neck, lower back, and ribs, so painful problems in the thoracic spine are not unheard of.

Symptoms don’t always happen the same way. Back pain can develop, either gradually or suddenly, for many reasons. Muscular strain is the most common cause of mid back pain. The muscles can become strained from activities like lifting of heavy objects, traumatic injury, or sitting for a prolonged period. Other back pain causes can come from arthritis, bulging or ruptured discs located between the spine’s vertebrae, or strained ligaments. We really don’t want you to suffer with horrible back pain because there are ways to help.

It starts in the thoracic area of the spine, mid back pain is often called thoracic back pain. Symptoms for thoracic back pain include baking or stiffness, sharp pain, muscle spasms, numbness or tingling, and chronic middle back pain if it’s been lasting for more than three months. Once the cause of your pain is pinpointed, Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. can then prescribe treatment options which can include over-the-counter medication and the use of heat and ice therapy. In cases where there is nerve impingement in the thoracic spine caused by a herniated disc, bone spur, or other serious problem, patients may require more than conservative treatment to relieve their symptoms. Fortunately, there are other options available for pain relief, including the state-of-the-art, minimally invasive procedures that we can do right here in house.

When you have back pain it doesn’t meant that you life is over and you will never get rid of it. Actually, it’s never been easier to take care of your overall chronic pain issues and make sure your spine is incomplete working order. By offering the services right here in your hometown located on 91st St. between Harvard and Yale, we are just around the corner and are conveniently located in the South Tulsa area. Trust us for all of your back pain issues and you can be on the way to living a pain-free life that will allow you to do things you love with the people you love. No one should be dealing with chronic pain in these modern times where treatment options are so readily available.