Treatments That Alleviate Future Difficulties

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Spine Surgery Experts at the Offices of Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O.

Tulsa Spine Surgery is committed to providing the highest level of orthopedic care possible in the treatment of immediate and chronic problems. American Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O., has performed many orthopedic surgeries and specializes in complete spinal care for the people of Tulsa, Oklahoma. As part of our commitment to your continued wellness, we strive to incorporate patient education and preventative measures into the treatment to alleviate future difficulties. Tulsa Spine Surgery is conveniently located in Tulsa, and we accept most major insurance plans including Workers Compensation. Please contact us today at 539-664-8444 if you would like more information, or are ready to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.

Although we specialize in Tulsa Spine Surgery, we also perform different types of surgeries for all of your chronic pain relief needs. Osteoarthritis is one of the oldest and most common causes of joint pain and known as the degenerative arthritis or joint pain. It is a chronic condition involving the breakdown of the joint’s cartilage. Cartilage is the part of the joint that cushions the ends of the bones as a shock absorber and a lubricant to protect the bones and allow easy movement of joints. When this cartilage wears away the bones rub against each other, causing stiffness, pain and loss of movement in the joint.

There is no cure, but the early stages of Osteoarthritis can be treated with conservative non-surgical treatments. As the cartilage continues to wear away and the symptoms are more severe, surgery may be recommended to correct the damaged bone and cartilage. An observation of your movement, review of your health history and x-rays of the affected joint will help us determine the best course of treatment so that motion can be restored and pain is reduced. The technique of total joint replacement uses prosthetic implants to replace damaged sections of bone and cartilage in the joint with the purpose of restoring function and mobility and to provide relief from pain. The most common reason joints are replaced is osteoarthritis.

The joints most affected are the knees, hips, fingers and shoulders and you may experience these symptoms: joint pain while standing or moving; giving out or locking of joint; near constant pain; decreased activity; abnormal stance or walk; and trouble walking up or down stairs . You will find through the stages that the cartilage loses elasticity and is more easily damaged by injury or use and will cause changes to underlying bones. Cysts may occur under cartilage or bony growths called spurs or osteophytes can develop near the end of the bone and the affected joint. Bits of bone or cartilage float loosely in joint space and the joint lining becomes inflamed.

Once again, call Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. today and speak with him about the wide range of reform right here in your very own hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. You don’t have to live with chronic pain any longer.

Dealing with Pain That Won’t Go Away on Its Own

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Spine Surgery Experts at the Offices of Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O.

Back and neck pain are among the most common health problems in adults. Most episodes of back and neck pain are temporary, resulting from stress of muscles or ligaments that support the spine. Many people find relief with the help of ice, heat and anti-inflammation medications. Others are not so lucky. If you’re dealing with chronic pain that simply won’t go away, it may be time to consider Tulsa Spine Surgery with Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. He is an expert in orthopedic surgery of the cervical and lumbar spine, and he can come up with an appropriate plan of action to deal with your chronic pain issues. Give us a call today at 539-664-8444 or visit us online for more information about Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. and Tulsa Spine Surgery.

Tulsa Spine Surgery is a regional leader with a legacy of excellence in the treatment of chronic back and neck pain and back injury, ranging from the common to the most complex. Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. is an accomplice surgeon that completed a fellowship at the Texas Back, and he has been employing the latest technologies and minimally invasive techniques, resulting in superior medical outcomes.

Sufferers of chronic neck and back conditions or severe spinal injuries know that these are among the most painful and debilitating health problems one can endure, resulting in work disruption and a lesser quality of life. When basic treatments do not alleviate the pain, it’s time to consider the Tulsa Spine Surgery. We offer compassionate care and an unwavering commitment to helping our patients get back to normal and returning to do the things they love before they experienced chronic pain. Life is too short to continue on in constant pain and agony. Set up a consultation with Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. today and reclaim your life.

Along with advanced treatment and technology comes a commitment to exemplary service. Tulsa Spine Surgery takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of spinal problems, focusing on the specific needs of each patient. In every case, our goal is a simple one: to return patients to their jobs and an active lifestyle as soon as possible.

Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. at Tulsa Spine Surgery is known across the state of Oklahoma for his expertise in correcting failed neck and back surgeries. In addition, he is trained and experienced in advanced surgical procedures for conditions such as spinal deformity, herniated discs, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, bone cancer and related tumors, and spinal fractures. Our minimally invasive procedures will have you back to normal and thriving instead of just merely surviving. Many of our procedures happen on an outpatient basis. This means that you can return home the same day as the surgery to start on the road to recovery. We believe that shorter recovery times are of the essence in our industry.