Dr. Jason Sparks

I’m Dr. Jason Sparks. I’m an orthopedic spine surgeon with the Spinal Orthopedic Specialists here in Tulsa. The results after a spine surgery, I like to say that the most important thing is picking the right patient will give you the best results. I think that’s my goal in treating people. I don’t take people to surgery if I’m not very confident that I’ll make them better. People can have a problem and can have pain, but if they’re not a good surgical candidate with their problem, then my recommendation isn’t surgery, if I don’t think I’m really going to help them.

When you choose the right people do surgery on and then choose the right surgery, actually back and neck surgery, spine surgery in general, it can be very, very successful. I consider the things that people say about what quality of life you gave back to them, whether it’s with their job, or family, or being able to work out, that’s so individualized. It is very, very rewarding to see them get that back when you pick the right person, and do the right thing for them, and just how much you’ve helped them, and recovered their life really.