Information about the Minimally Invasive Surgery

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Spine Surgery Experts at the Offices of Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O.

Tulsa Spine Surgery is a center for minimally invasive spine surgery and treatments. Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. specializes in minimally invasive spine techniques that provide the highest standards of patient care you deserve and expect. Tulsa Spine Surgery offers the most current and least invasive options available today. We treat many types of problems of acute and chronic spine, including pinched nerves, herniated discs, spinal stenosis and bone spurs. Our diagnostic procedures and advanced techniques clearly offer patients the best chance of returning to live a normal life without pain.

Minimally invasive Spine Surgery techniques have gained so much attention in the last several years and yet more often than not most patients really don’t understand the good, bad and ugly when making their own treatment decisions. Bottom line, the most important question regarding a proposed back and Tulsa Spine Surgery procedure and its benefit is does the surgery do its job? That is when minimally invasive technology becomes important. As an educated patient you need to understand the difference between the tools, the philosophy and the marketing.

Many tools are useful in minimally invasive spine surgery. Everyone knows about lasers, endoscopes, microscopes and so on. It is important to understand that every tool has a benefit when used properly and the benefits vary depending on the skill set of the surgeon using them. In other words, when you read about the miraculous benefits of laser surgery it is important to understand that a surgeon still needs to get the laser to the target, and it is the access that defines minimally invasive approaches. When the surgeon discusses the proposed ‘minimally invasive spine procedure’ it is not the tool used in dealing with a herniated disc but the amount of retraction, the amount of soft tissue damage, the accuracy of the approach and the efficiency of movement that defines the procedure as minimally invasive. It is critical not to be dazzled by the technology and to focus on the strategy being discussed when you choose a minimally invasive spine procedure.

Minimally invasive surgery is a philosophy not an approach. All well rounded and competent spine surgeons , like Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. have a variety of approaches and tools. They can approach the spine from the front, the back and the side, but it is choosing the best approach, and least trauma that defines a procedure as minimally invasive. The philosophy of minimally invasive spine surgery provides for all approaches to be done with minimal trauma and maximal benefit. Minimally invasive spine surgery goes wrong when it is minimal strategy surgery or when the goals are sacrificed to achieve the outcome. It is critical that the goals of the surgery are understood, and that they have a statistically significant chance of achieving the outcome desired. A thoughtful minimally invasive surgical approach involves the highest sophistication in preoperative diagnosis and planning, and requires that significant effort is provided by the surgical team to understand the problem, the symptoms, the patients needs, expectations and goals and ultimately the liabilities as it relates to each individual patient.

Information on Different Spinal Treatments

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Spine Surgery Experts at the Offices of Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O.

When a surgical treatment plan is composed, there are 3 fundamental elements which must be considered in every diagnosis and every ultimate strategy. Within any given spinal disorder, there are considerations involving decompression, reconstruction, and stabilization. Not all patients require all three implements to the different strategies. Sometimes in the presence of severe pain caused by a pinched nerve, a well conceived and targeted nerve decompression is all that is necessary. When accompanied by deformity or severe mechanical back pain, sometimes reconstruction becomes the important part of the treatment choice. For all of your Tulsa Spine Surgery needs pick up the phone and call Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. at 539-664-8444. We can lead you to a more pain-free existence through Tulsa Spine Surgery.

When considering a reconstruction, there are different methods of reconstruction. Reconstruction can be formed in a motion sparing manner or in a motion eliminating manner. For motion sparing procedures, newer technologies provide for flexible rods embraced by screws and/or artificial disc technology. For motion eliminating procedures or spinal fusion, rods and screws, intervertebral implants, better biologics including stem cell and bone morphogenic protein supplements all provide for increased rates of fusion while reducing the invasiveness of the procedure.

At Tulsa Spine Surgery, regardless of which of the treatment strategies is employed, all phases of each surgery fully encompass a minimally invasive treatment approach. In most cases, the approach and portal into the body is the same size whether it is a microsurgical decompression and/or reconstruction and/or stabilization. The investment within the portal or approach is the variable which is manipulated and increased. It is critically important that the strategy and long term goals be well understood prior to making those ultimate choices. Sometimes a person benefits from a minimalist approach with a decompression only, assuming that they have failed conservative treatment.

Sometimes in order to pursue a realistic life strategy based on their goals, needs, and life requirements, reconstruction is necessary. Again, the strategy being custom fitted to the particular circumstance, body type, conditioning level, psychological make-up, and ultimately life strategy. We can tailor fit a custom approach for your specific needs. We are always trying to exceed the expectations of our patients and provide them with a chronic lifestyle free from the pain has been playing them for years.