Individual Factors for Spinal Health

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Spine Surgery Experts at the Offices of Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O.

There are many different factors that go into all of your Tulsa spine surgery options. Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. is a professional that studied at Kansas City University Of Medicine And Biosciences of Medicine and Biosciences, Oklahoma State University Medical Center, and Texas Back Institute. His expertise has led him to be one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Call us today to set up a consultation with Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. and let him show you the right way to deal with chronic pain and Tulsa Spine Surgery. When a surgical treatment plan is composed, there are 3 fundamental elements which must be considered in every diagnosis and every ultimate strategy. Within any given spinal disorder, there are considerations involving decompression, reconstruction, and stabilization. Not all patients require all three implements to the different strategies. Sometimes in the presence of severe pain caused by a pinched nerve, a well conceived and targeted nerve decompression is all that is necessary. When accompanied by deformity or severe mechanical back pain, sometimes reconstruction becomes the important part of the treatment choice.

When considering a reconstruction, there are different methods of reconstruction. Reconstruction can be formed in a motion sparing manner or in a motion eliminating manner. For motion sparing procedures, newer technologies provide for flexible rods embraced by screws and/or artificial disc technology. For motion eliminating procedures or spinal fusion, rods and screws, intervertebral implants, better biologics including stem cell and bone morphogenic protein supplements all provide for increased rates of fusion while reducing the invasiveness of the procedure.

At Tulsa Spine Surgery, regardless of which of the treatment strategies is employed, all phases of each surgery fully encompass a minimally invasive treatment approach. In most cases, the approach and portal into the body is the same size whether it is a microsurgical decompression and/or reconstruction and/or stabilization. The investment within the portal or approach is the variable which is manipulated and increased. It is critically important that the strategy and long term goals be well understood prior to making those ultimate choices. Sometimes a person benefits from a minimalist approach with a decompression only, assuming that they have failed conservative treatment.

Sometimes in order to pursue a realistic life strategy based on their goals, needs, and life requirements, reconstruction is necessary. Again, the strategy being custom fitted to the particular circumstance, body type, conditioning level, psychological make-up, and ultimately life strategy. We always take your individualistic needs into account when it flying a plan of action for your Tulsa Spine Surgery. Every person’s body is different and we recognize that.

Addressing Orthopedic Conditions

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Spine Surgery Experts at the Offices of Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O.

Tulsa Spine Surgery offers a wide range of orthopedic services to address conditions associated with the musculoskeletal system, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints, which maintains our body’s form and allows us to move. We help everyone from adolescents to seniors dealing with orthopedic conditions, including: back, neck, and spine conditions, degenerative disease, diseases of the spine, fractures, and different types of injuries. Call Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. today for a consultation on all of your Tulsa Spine Surgery needs at 539-664-8444. We believe in connecting with every patient and focusing on what it is that will get their lives back to normal and more pain-free than ever before. You can also visit us online.

Tulsa Spine Surgery’s program is designed to help alleviate pain and increase mobility that’s been compromised by a variety of disorders caused by sports injuries, trauma, degenerative diseases and other conditions. Our dedicated team includes Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. and specialists, nurses, and physical therapist. We are prepared with advanced technology, clinical expertise and a commitment to care for you or your loved one with compassion and respect. Through orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation and other treatment options, we are equipped to handle a variety of spinal conditions. We provide complete guidance on exercise to strengthen your body, medication to reduce pain and proper diet to help your body heal and return to good health.

Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. will discuss orthopedic surgery with you when all other orthopedic treatment options have been exhausted, or if surgery is the best option for your current condition. Orthopedic surgery may be done as an inpatient or outpatient procedure. With an inpatient procedure, you will remain in the hospital for one or more days while you recover. More complex orthopedic surgeries require extensive aftercare to manage your pain, care for wounds and help you become mobile on our own. We always try and perform the most minimally invasive procedures as possible. We believe the best healing takes place in the patients own home, and many of our procedures allow you to return home the same day as the surgery.

Outpatient orthopedic surgery may be scheduled at Tulsa Spine Surgery. Some of the most common outpatient procedures include our minimally invasive procedures for your total spine health. Almost any orthopedic surgery will necessitate a course of rehabilitation to aid in the recovery process. Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. offers inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services for physical therapy. Our licensed and highly trained therapists will work closely with Dr. Kris Parchuri D.O. to develop your plan of recovery and strengthening exercises. We want to see each one of our patients have a pain-free existence that is paired with a shorter recovery time than traditional surgery allows for.