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Maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of overall spinal health. Back pain can make bending over, getting out of bed, even breathing seem unbearable. Many of these individuals have back pain because they don’t exercise. Yet many avid exercisers also experience crippling back pain. In their later years, bodybuilders often wince like their spine is lined with metal spikes when they lean over to tie their shoelaces. Particularly among those who lift weights, back injuries tend to occur in the lumbar region, the lower spine.

The discomfort can range from mild, occasional twinges to chronic, long lasting, persistently intense pain. A pulled muscle, a damaged disk, a degenerative disorder, or the wear and tear imposed by Father Time can be to blame. Poor posture, incorrect lifting technique, and carrying around a gut for years in turn often cause those sources of pain. Why is weight loss the number-one thing a person can do to reduce back pain? And will losing weight also help to address the cause of this pain?

An overloaded car causes the tires to bulge and wears out the shocks. Likewise, extra weight on the spine has been shown to cause the discs to bulge more. Some weight bearing (walking) is vital to disc health because discs have no blood supply; they receive nutrients from the adjacent bone and cartilage “pumping” nutrients into and waste out of the disc.

Losing weight can reduce wear and tear on the disc as well as bulging. Sometimes damage is already done, but weight loss is almost always beneficial to the spine when done in moderation and when combined with low-impact exercise. Call them today to find out the wide range of options available. They are standing by and eagerly waiting for your call.