Straighten Out Your Spine In Tulsa

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Dr. Parchuri has a wonderful business in Tulsa known as the spine and orthopedic specialist. He is one of the top notch Tulsa spine surgeons in the industry. For years now he has helped people to straighten out their spines with spine surgery because it is such a great surgery that can really be life-changing for you. If you have suffered from back problems your entire life, perhaps you should consider spine surgery and the benefits etiquette have for you by calling 539-664-4448. Spine surgery is not near as invasive as it used to be and it can be a very simple procedure.

Modern medicine is truly amazing with what I can do. They can do some amazing things with spine surgery especially when you come to Dr. Parchuri. When you come to see one of the best Tulsa spine surgeons in the industry, you can rest assured that your back surgery will be done flawlessly. He will take the extra time and dedication necessary to not only get to know you as a patient but also get to know your goals. He will also take the time and care it takes to perform back surgery. Back surgery is one of their most tedious surgeries and you need a skilled surgeon who really knows what they are doing and has the patience and the fortitude to complete your surgery just as promised.

Dr. Parchuri is a wonderful man and his patients really enjoy building a relationship with him. For the first time you call him to the first time you visit their website at, to your first appointment with him, you will feel comfortable and confident that this is the Tulsa spine surgeons for you. These are the ones that you want to come to for all of your surgery needs. They are a great resource for you because they can tell you all about what type of surgery that they are going to perform in you. They will not just leave you in the dark during your surgery. They will make sure that you are comfortable with what is happening to your body.

Are you ready to thrive a not just survive? So we people go from day-to-day with serious back problems and pain. So many people suffer through day-to-day life with serious back pain problems that they can’t fix by visiting the Tulsa spine surgeons at SOS Tulsa. The ones at the spine and orthopedic specialists are led by Dr. Parchuri who is a licensed doctor in physician who can really change your life just like he is changed thousands of other people’s lives already.

Your ready to have your life changed, call 539-664-4448 to speak with Dr. Parchuri. He is ready to take your phone call and ready to change your life with the back surgery of your dreams. If you are ready to get on your feet and quit worrying about your back problems forever, then you need to call this phone number because it is truly a life-changing event. The only thing stopping you from getting this life-changing surgery surgery is you.

Crooked Spine Help Tulsa

This content was written for Dr. Parchuri

Is your back hurt? It could be more than just your typical everyday back pain. Many people suffer from aches and pains but some people need help from Tulsa spine surgeons. Don’t let that scare you because it is something that is not to be afraid of. All you have to do is call 539-664-4448 to get your life back the way you want it. Once you have spine surgery from Dr. Parchuri and the spine and orthopedic specialists at his office, your life will truly never be the same. You can get on their website at to look at the great results that they have already done. So many patients have already done testimonials for them.

What better way to learn them from other patients who have already sought out Tulsa spine surgeons like Dr. Parchuri. So we patients have already had spine surgery from him and have gone through the entire process before. Isn’t it great to know that you can learn from people who have been there before and been in your shoes? So many who has been in your circumstance really can give you solid advice on what to do and can give you great advice on who to go to. Every single one of his patients recommend Dr. Parchuri because he is such a great human being in an excellent surgeon.

If you are living your life half full it could be because you need help from Tulsa spine surgeons like Dr. Parchuri. If you have back problems and you have suffered from back problems for years, it could be time for you to look into spine surgery. Spine surgery is a procedure that is getting more and more scientific as the years go by. With the future technology that is now employed by surgeons, it can be very minimally invasive and the recovery time can be remarkably fast. It will amaze you to what they can do to your back. Even if you have a crooked spine, they may have a surgery that is right for you that can straighten out your spine and give you the back of your dreams.

Dr. Parchuri has been a licensed doctor for years and has the experience and the expertise that you need. He also has a great staff around him to help him be the best of the Tulsa spine surgeons. The reason that people considering the best is because he take the time to invest in each one of his patients. He really sits down with you in talks with you before the surgery. He gets to know you as a person and gets to know what your goals are for having spine surgery. Everyone has different goals in their life ended it is important for him that he knows what yours are.

In addition to being a great human being and getting to know you, he is one of the most skilled surgeon that we’ve ever talked to him that. He really knows what’s going on when it comes to spine surgery. Other spine surgeons cannot be trusted because they are not as good as he is. He is one of the best and he can be reached by phone at 539-664-4448. Call them today and get the back of your dreams for you can get back on the golf course and swing the club’s like never before.

Great Spine Specialists In Tulsa

This content was written for Dr. Parchuri

If you are looking for a spine specialist in Tulsa, specifically Tulsa spine surgeons, then you need to call 539-664-4448 today to speak with Dr. Kris Parchuri. He is amazing doctor who has years of experience in clinical health and treatment options. He has been pursuing new innovative ways to treat people’s spine issues. If you have spine problems and you are sick of not living your life to the fullest, then you need to call Dr. Parchuri today because he can truly help you thrive and not just survive.

One great reason to choose him as you can get your life back. He really wants you to rediscover what a pain free day truly feels like and looks like. Do you have a question for Dr. Parchuri about Tulsa spine surgeons and what he can do for you? If you do you can call them or you can even get on their website at On their website you can submit a question to them and even schedule a complimentary MRI review. They want you to feel confident and assertive they perform because they understand the surgery is a big deal. Not only financially but emotionally as well.

Dr. Parchuri started this company because he wanted the people Tulsa to have a Tulsa spine surgeons that they could trust. It is more than just about the surgery. Is about the recovery time as well. Dr. Parchuri understand that for every great surgery that takes place, you need a great surgeon. He himself is a great surgeon and he has surrounded himself with a team of helpful people that really knows what they are doing. His all of his staff are very professional and they know what is going on. They will work their hardest to schedule your appointments around your busy schedule. They know that you have a busy life and the last thing you need is more stress.

But are you even a candidate for spine surgery? That is a question you need to ask Dr. Parchuri because he is one of the top Tulsa spine surgeons in the business business. He has performed hundreds of spine surgeries on people with great success. Just get on their website and look at some of their testimonials that they had. They also have a meet the doctor section, a frequently asked questions section, and a section where you can learn about all of the different treatment options are available, even surgery is not one of those treatment options that you want to pursue.

The great thing about going to Dr. Parchuri is that he will not force you into anything. He changes people’s lives by putting them in the driver seat. This is your body and you should be in control the entire time. You never want you to feel overwhelmed or stressed out at anything that is going on. That is why he always clarifies everything with you and make sure that you are on the same page as him when it comes your spine surgery. To find out more just call 539-664-4448 today.