My name is Dr. Parchuri. I’m a orthopedic surgeon, board certified. Practicing with the Spine & Orthopedic Specialists here in Tulsa. We’ve been open now for approximately five years and are proud to call Tulsa home and provide excellent orthopedic and spine care to all the patients. Here at Spine Orthopedic Specialists, we focus our care on providing a full spectrum of options for patients, nonsurgical to surgical. Unfortunately, there are situations who come to see me for the first time that surgery is really the only option. But many times, patients have nonsurgical options. Some of the nonsurgical options that we emphasize here are physical therapy.

We emphasize anti-inflammatory such nonsteroidals, sometimes patients [inaudible 00:44] narcotics or pain medications. We also investigate chiropractic treatment if it’s appropriate. We talk about epidural injections and other type of injection treatment modalities as well. There are less invasive options when we talk about surgery. When people fear coming to a surgeon because they worry about getting cut on, I think they should rest assure that most surgeons in my experience and especially us here in Spine Orthopedics Specialists, try all nonsurgical options first before considering surgery.