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Coming to spine and orthopedic specialist to fix all your back pain. Tulsa spine surgeons is rated highest in spine and orthopedic specialists. The founder of this company Dr.parchuri has figured out how to run a business. Knows the ins and outs of back pain and knows what to do to get rid of it. We have a very well taught stuff that is there to just sit meet your needs and make you feel as comfortable as possible and feel like you’re at home in your house. If this is from back pain because of being overweight forfeits from actual injury the doctors here at spine and orthopedic specialists can help you and get you back on track to living the life you’re supposed to live. Give us a call at 539-664-4448.

Don’t live another day with spine problems. This is the simple alignment come on in to Tulsa spine surgeon at spine and orthopedic specialists to get what you need. Even a simple alignment can be something simple to you but could be end up being something a lot worse in the long run so get it while it’s not near as bad. Lower back pain is one of the leading boasts pains in America. Back pain is going to hinder you from doing a lot of stuff in your life. Don’t you want to live an active life play with your kids or grandkids and great grandkids. You can do that if you come to spine and orthopedic specialists at Tulsa spine surgeon. Give us a call set up a day to come in 539-664-4448.

We’ve a lot of different techniques here but we do to get Rebecca in. We can do a posture lumbar interbody fusion. We can do cuts on the inside. We can do cuts on the outside. We have all the new technology to do whatever we need to do possible. Cervical laminectomy is something that we also specialize in this performed from the back of the neck it needs removing to this by this process. A lot of the time small screws and some rods are placed on hold the spine and physician and for fusion to occur. If you’re interested in the service please come in to spine and orthopedic specialist at Tulsa spine surgeons.

We’ve a lot of different techniques we can do cervical lumbar forum and not to me we can do lateral lumbar interbody fusion we can do anterior lumbar interbody fusion posture lumbar women tell me. Fosters a huge thing for back pain. If you want to know the simplest way to get rid of back pain or to ease the little bit of back pain you need to really work on your posture. Working imposters one of the easiest ways just to relieve some pain. We have three different locations woman Tulsa one in Midtown one in Claremore. Gives a call come by spine and orthopedic specialists set up an appointment to talk with one of our employees are at 539-664-4448.

Don’t waste anymore time. You need Tulsa spine surgeon. You need to come into spine and orthopedic specialist to fix all your buffing. Give us a call make an appointment come on man 539-664-4448.

Tulsa Spine Surgeons : Bad Back Pain Relief

Content is written for Dr. Parchuri

Tulsa spine surgeons have the greatest Dr Parchuir spine and orthopedic specialists. We look forward to getting you back to normal in assisting you in getting your life back together. We are open five days a week Monday through Thursday from 830 to 5. We are open Friday from 830 to 12 PM. We have three locations one in Tulsa one in Claremore and one in Midtown. We offer so many different programs we have bone grafting where you fuse the spine and provides stability. There been a lot of practices around and we have specialized in this we know what were doing so you’re going to get the best service out of this. Give us a call set up an appointment at 539-664-4448

Would you like to run around the field with your kids but can’t because of lower back pain. What you need to Tulsa spine surgeons and come into this spine and orthopedic specialists. We are what you need to go and do activities that you want to do with your kids. We have the doctors don’t know what to during the knowledge and the college behind what the great thing about We have a great staff though make you feel at home and gets you going where you need to go. We are serious about our work is what we do this is our passion so we know that we can help you give us a call at 539-664-4448.

Don’t wait any longer don’t live in pain when you don’t have to. Back in the day with pain was something you just had a get over with but nowadays we have the doctors in the knowledge and the skills to get you going how you’re supposed to be going. Your body’sman pain so why live in pain. Pain means that something is not right in the body and what we want to do is fix your body so you don’t have to live in pain anymore we want your body to be 100%. But coming to Tulsa spine surgeons at spine and orthopedic specialist you can get your body going 100% again probably more than 100% give us a call don’t wait any longer set up an appointment to come in and walk in you can do that too but call us at 539-664-4448.

the doctors at spine and orthopedic specialist in Tulsa spine surgeons is that they want to tailor a treatment plan that is designed to fit your goals and to get your back to where your life is they’re doing. All nonsurgical treatment plans will be on through over and over before we even consider to use invasive procedures as in surgical. Weird I hope and do whatever we can to get you back on your feet pain free so give us a call.

The doctors here Dr.Parchuri is a very professional doctor at spine and orthopedic specialists here in Tulsa spine surgeon. He has just practiced for over 10 years in this field and loves what he does. There’s nothing more than he likes to do that to send someone home with less pain the came in. We’ll do spinal injections if we have to produce final bracing will be physical therapy. Physical. It is a very great way to help build muscles and get you back on where you’re supposed to do. Give us a call 539-664-4448.