Dr. Kris Parchuri

“My name is Dr. Parchuri. I’m a orthopedic surgeon, board certified. Practicing with the Spine Orthopedics here in Tulsa. We’ve been open now for approximately five years and proud to call Tulsa home and provide excellent orthopedic and spine care to all the patients. Knowing when your pain is severe enough and when you should see a doctor is actually a tricky situation. Fortunately, most of the times, our general aches and pains and sprains, strains type of injuries improve without any type of medical treatment.”

“If an injury is one that lingers, if it’s causing excruciating pain, especially one that affects your quality of life such as your sleeping, ability to work, being around loved ones, care for yourself, then you should seek immediate care. But if it’s something that just feels like it’s just a nagging kind of pain injury, it’s probably okay to wait and see if it improves on its own. But if it doesn’t, typically in a few days to a week at the most, then I would seek care from my specialist or a physician of some kind.”

Dr. Jason Sparks

“I’m Jason Sparks. I’m an orthopedic spinal surgeon with the Spine & Orthopedic Specialists here in Tulsa. As a general statement, when it’s bothering you enough you’re thinking about, it’s probably severe enough to at least have an appointment and talk about it. It’s rare that I actually tell people that their pain’s pretty minimal and it’s something they should probably accept, whether they’re being severely active with a job, or a lifestyle, or a sport, or something and that’s just expected aches and pains. Usually if somebody’s made up their mind to come see me it’s bothering them enough that they should have came to see me so we can try to help them get better and so it’s really their decision as far as when to make an appointment and probably if it’s crossed their mind then it’s enough that they should make an appointment and at least have a conversation about it. It doesn’t mean we have to be real aggressive in treating it but we can at least look into it.”