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When it comes time to find a Tulsa spine doctor to help relieve you or a loved one’s back pain there’s only one call that you want to make. The call is to the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists to make an appointment with Dr. Parchuri. The reason that this is the only call that you want to make is quite simply because Dr. Parchuri it is extremely passionate about at ensuring that he does a deep dive into the issues that his patients are experiencing so that he can ensure that he recommends the correct and optimal treatment protocol. You can schedule your appointment with the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists by calling 539-664-4448. If you are experiencing back pain, give them a call today.

One of the things that separate Dr. Parchuri from many of the other Tulsa spine doctor clinics is the fact that he is more conservative. In other words, he will only perform surgery if the surgery is deemed necessary. Many spine surgeons, on the other hand, like to recommend surgery as a first option. Dr. Parchuri knows that the first option is rarely surgery. Many nonsurgical methods typically will help the back improve and likely prevent surgery from ever being needed.

Some of the conservative approaches that will be utilized by the spine doctors at Spine and Orthopedic Specialists include things like weight loss, activity modification, steroid injections, over-the-counter medications, physical therapy, and bracing. With the utilization of these methods often surgery can be avoided altogether. Surgery no matter how minor is still surgery no matter what. An incision will still need to be made in the body which brings with it all whole host of opportunities for issues. Not only that but it is a more significant damage to the body than any of these other nonsurgical methods.

It is always good to get a second option no matter the Tulsa spine doctor that you end up going with. Second opinions always give you a confirmation or a second idea on what might be going on. If you have two conflicting diagnoses then you can either choose the doctor that you most trust and who gives you the most thorough explanation, or you can find a third doctor for a third opinion. This is your health and your spine, so it is important that you feel confident with the doctor that you’re dealing with. Most doctors are going to recommend that you get a second opinion if you are to ask them.

Dr. Parchuri at Spine and Orthopedic Specialists is excited to help people reduce their back pain in as short a time as possible. It is his goal and passion to take people from surviving to thriving. He wants to eliminate or at minimum reduce people’s back pain, so it no longer affects their daily lives. Call to make an appointment today with the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists by calling 539-664-4448. The sooner you get into seeing a spine doctor, the sooner you can start living and active lifestyle again.

Dr. Parchuri Tulsa Spine Doctor

This content was written for Parchuri

How many times have you had to not play a round of golf because your back started acting up in the past year?  Don’t you think it’s time that you saw a Tulsa spine doctor to see what is going on and get a fix, so these issues stop happening?  How many times have you tried to pick something up and thrown our your back in the past ten years? For whatever reason when it comes to back pain people shrug it off and think it’s no big deal. This is rarely the case. Give Dr. Parchuri at Spine and Orthopedic Specialists a call at 539-664-4448.

There’re a few questions that you want to answer for yourself before you dive too deep into finding a Tulsa spine doctor to help you relieve your back pain. The first question you want to ask yourself is, do you want a doctor who is more prone to performing surgeries or somebody who is more conservative with their approach? The second question you need to ask yourself is, do you care about bedside manner? In other words, do you want to doctor who is just tremendously good at what they do no matter how they treat their patient or do you want a doctor who is phenomenal at treating a patient from a personality standpoint? Answering these questions is going to allow you to have a clear conscience about who you pick for your doctor.

Some of the other questions that you’re going to want to ask your Tulsa spine doctor candidates include the following. How long have you been in practice? What is your continuing education schedule so that you are always on top of the latest techniques and research? How often are you performing spinal surgeries that are similar to the issue that I have? What types of patients do you typically work with?

These questions will help you get a firm understanding of exactly the type of spine Dr. that is sitting in front of you. You’ll tell very rapidly if this is somebody that you want to be doing your spine surgery or taking care of your spine or not. When you ask the correct questions, you will receive all the answers necessary to make your decision much easier. If you do not ask the correct questions and you just go with any old doctor than you are gambling with your health. You want to make sure that you have someone that you feel comfortable with otherwise you are not likely to follow their recommendations as faithfully as you need to.

To see if Dr. Parchuri at Spine and Orthopedic Specialists is a good fit for you ask him these questions as well. You can give them a call to schedule your first appointment to do so by dialing 539-664-4448. The sooner you start asking spine doctors questions, the sooner you can get pain relief. Dr. Parchuri Believes that people should be in pain as short amount of time as possible. Give him a call today.

Tulsa Spine Doctor for Back Pain Relief

This content was written for Parchuri

If you have back pain, it is time that you found a Tulsa spine doctor to remedy it for you. One of the Tulsa spine doctors that you are going to want to call at least to have an initial appointment with is Dr. Parchuri at Spine and Orthopedic Specialists.  Dr. Parchuri at Spine and Orthopedic Specialists is one of the best orthopedic and spine surgeons in Tulsa. He is going to make sure that he get you the procedure that is going to be the best for whatever the issue it is that you are experiencing with your spine and joints. You can make your appointment by calling 539-664-4448.

When it comes to finding a Tulsa spine doctor you want to make sure that you have one who is conservative and utilizes surgery as a last resort. If you find a surgeon who is pushing surgery right away, you want to make sure you get a second opinion. Often, surgery is the best solution. However, you want to make certain that is the case. Some surgeons just like to do surgery so they will always push surgery faster than is necessary. Furthermore, you want to find a doctor who’s going to make sure you are as healthy as possible before the surgery happens.

This is exactly what Dr. Parchuri at Spine and Orthopedic Specialists will do with you. He will try all the nonsurgical and noninvasive treatment options before resorting to surgery. This does a few things. First and foremost this helps to push off surgery as long as possible so that in less you need it immediately you are giving yourself a better chance of never needing it at all. Second, this helps to get you healthier before you have surgery. The healthier you are going into surgery the faster you will recover and the more successful your surgery will be.

Some of the nonsurgical and non-evasive techniques are things as simple and mundane as losing weight. If you’re overweight, you are likely to have issues with your back in some form or shape. Excess weight applies excess pressure to your spine. This excess pressure can cause issues even if there is nothing wrong with your spine other than the fact that your body doesn’t have the necessary strength to hold all that weight on your body where it is currently positioned. An easy way to think about this is when a female is pregnant, and she has excess weight pulling on her spine.

If you are experiencing back pain or any time of pain in your joints, give the Tulsa spine doctor Dr. Parchuri at Spine and Orthopedic Specialists a call. His phone number to schedule your appointment is 539-664-4448. He will take the time to fully understand exactly what is going on so that he can give you the proper diagnosis the first time. He is passionate about helping people rid their body of pain and get back to the active lifestyle that they enjoy. Give him a call today for back pain relief.