Tulsa Spine Doctor : Live Pain Free Again

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We would like to personally invite you into any of our offices at Tulsa spine Dr. here at spine and orthopedic specialists. You can shoot us over a call at 539-664-4448. We would love to chat with you and get to know you figure out what all pain you are going through and see what the best treatments would work for you. We do not take your pain lightly we want to make sure that we get the full story on your pain to make sure we can devote as much time as we can to getting that to go away. We are one of the finest Tulsa spine doctor in this area are two doctors are very well talk to in their field we we offer all kinds of treatments.

If you are living with back pain and would like to get rid of it you need to come to the Tulsa spine Dr. here at spine and orthopedic specialists. We know living with back pain is no fun and we will exhaust our options to getting you feeling better than you were before you had your incident. If you had not incidents at work we deal with Workmen’s Comp. Where one of the best young doctors in Tulsa and you can meet him today if you give us a call and schedule appointment.

We know a lot about the body we can figure out what thoracic pain you are having. The pain is composed of the middle segment of the vertebrae come and sit between the cervical vertebrae in the lumbar vertebrae. We are one of the greatest Tulsa spine doctor in America. We do list bone grafting in any cervical pain. If you have any herniated discs you can come into us and we can figure out the best procedure to do. Were open Monday through Thursday 830 to 5 in your area. Also we are open at the end of the week on Friday from 830 to 12 PM. We have three different locations in the Oklahoma region one being Tulsa wanted Midtown and also another in claremore just south of Owasso.

If you are looking for a Tulsa spine doctor then you have come to the right place because spine and orthopedic specialists is here to meet your needs. If you are not sure what doctor to go to you can always visit our site@SOSTulsa.com and we have a huge list of patient testimonials we have some from Kathy Bruce Stephanie Jason they are all talking about their experiences here in the office.

If you come into spine and orthopedic specialists we can give you the rundown in the procedures of what we will be doing on you if you have back pain. Get always give us a call at 539-664-4448 few would like to talk to one of our surgical doctors or just some of our staff to set up an appointment. We are always here available for you to talk to and we have a very welcoming staff in clean environment to make sure that you feel the same that you do in your home as you do in our office. We would love to see you here if you come by any days from Monday through Friday just remember on Friday we close at 12 at lunch.