Customized Plan For You

This content was written for Dr. Parchuri.

Are you looking for a Tulsa spine Doctor who customized treatment plan specifically for you? Then look no further than the offices of Dr. Parchuri. You can trust under his expert guidance your spinal needs will be met. His office has been featured on Tulsa World, Fox 23 News, News Channel 8, News on Six, and KRMG. He has been practicing spinal surgery for over a decade. You can trust it under his expert guidance you are going receive a procedure that is going to be perfect for you. All of his plans are customized specifically for the customer. You can trust that he will first evaluate all noninvasive procedures before proceeding with surgery. This should be of a great relief you to know that you will not be placed into surgery directly after speaking with him. To find out what type of procedures he can offer gives off as a call at 539-664-4448. If you need spinal surgery this is an excellent choice to fill your need.

Dr. Parchuri specifically thinks about all of his patients and wants to design a specific plan for you. If you are looking for customized treatment plan that will help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible choose the offices of Spine and Orthopedic Specialists. These professionals are always looking for ways to better serve their patients. They understand that you are completely unique individual want to help you to get the most out of your treatment.

It is highly reassuring for you to know that everything that is performed on you is based on exactly what you need. Whatever procedure this Tulsa spine doctor comes up with for you it is based specifically on your need. You are just as valuable and unique as the procedure that Dr. Parchuri will provide you. He understands that not every person is the same in every case is different. That is why they have to specifically come up with a plan that is customized to ensure that you get the highest quality of medical outcome from this procedure.

Speaking of procedures is also nice to know that this Tulsa spine doctor will not perform surgery right away. He will first evaluate to make sure whether a noninvasive means of treatment is the better way to go. This is desire to provide you with the quickest and fastest means for getting you back to your old life. Instead of having to go through numerous amounts of rehabilitation he hopes that he can perform a noninvasive procedure on you which will cause you less time from the things that you need to do normally.

To have an amazing spinal surgery procedure done on you give them a call today it 539-664-4448. Whatever route you will ultimately need to go with your spinal surgery pain management needs will be the best for you. You can trust in the specialist at Spine and Orthopedic Specialists. These professionals are all about providing you with exactly the right type of treatment to ensure you get the most from your procedure. Whether that be a noninvasive procedure or an invasive procedure you are getting exactly what you need. They sit down specifically with you and come up with a customized plan to ensure you get that great treatment.

A Comprehensive Approach

This content was written for Revolution Health and Wellness.

A more comprehensive approach Tulsa stem cell therapy aims to focus on the tendons and ligaments around the knee. Whereas, with most other physicians they focus on surgery first. By utilizing the services of Revolution Health and Wellness and Dr. Chad Edwards you are setting yourself up for a potentially more comprehensive approach. This type of approach has been shown to be extremely effective in treating knee pain that otherwise may have been treated with surgery first. Dr. Chad Edwards is a former military member who served as an officer in the Armed Forces. Before that he obtained his education through Oklahoma State University. He now playfully serves the Tulsa community providing professional functional medicine. It is his desire to get to the very bottom of whatever is ailing you and treat the actual cause. To find out how he can potentially assist you to get free from some the pain give them a call at 918-935-3636.

Most places are going to focus on your knee and how to perform surgery on Monday. Whereas with the treatment like prolotherapy or Tulsa stem cell Dr. Chad Edwards focuses on the tendons and ligaments around the knee. He was to see if you can strengthen the knee itself by strengthening the things the hold it together. This is a much better alternative than having to go under the knife and going and getting a surgery that is going to potentially cause you more problems than it is worth. If you have known anybody who is gone through knee replacement surgery you know just how painful it can be.

The worst part is that these knee replacement surgeries are not always completely successful. The person still generally has to deal with the metal piece in their need that didn’t help alleviate all the symptoms of pain. Now they have a funny walk in their having difficulty with the knee replacement. So if you can find a replacement to help you without surgery, why not? This is an excellent route to go if you’re looking for treatment that is not going to be invasive to your body. This is the type of treatment that is completely noninvasive.

This is an excellent alternative to having to go through surgery which required rehabilitation. It is during the rehabilitation when you’re going to find yourself losing money because you can’t work. If you can’t work then you’re going to have to take time off from work and that’s going to set you back financially. On top of that your medical bills are can be exponentially higher as a result of going through a traditional clinic and getting surgery. If you were to utilize the services of Dr. Chad Edwards it would be much more cost-effective.

To find out how you can get set up with some of his very cost-effective and efficient services call 918-935-3636. He would love to speak with you about how his Tulsa stem cell therapy or prolotherapy can potentially help to free you from the knee pain that you feel. Is not a guarantee that this is going to be something that is available for you, but at least do research and find out if it is available for you. You will potentially be saving yourself time and money if you do.