Dr. Kris Parchuri

“My name is Dr. Parchuri. I’m the orthopedic surgeon board certified practicing with the spine – with the specialists here in Tulsa. We’ve been open now for approximately five years and are proud to call Tulsa home and provide excellent orthopedic and spine care to all the patients.”

“If someone’s in pain right now, they should definitely understand when it’s serious pain, if it needs to be further evaluated, or if it’s just a bump and bruise and it can heal on it’s own. And as I’ve eluded to earlier, I think it’s important to understand how you injured yourself, how the pain effects you, and if those things are severe enough, then I would seek care immediately.”

“It doesn’t hurt to obviously go and get evaluated by a physician when you’re in pain. That’s fine. Just don’t be alarmed if that physician wants to try things such as anti-inflammatories, and rest, and ice first prior to obtaining further testing like an MRI or x-rays. Because many times, injuries are just minor and they tend to improve on their own, and the physician will have the discretion to determine whether or not further testing is needed, but you know, if your pain is concerning enough to where you feel like you need to be seen by a physician, I think that’s a reason enough to go get checked out, but certainly if your pain is causing debilitating issues such as the ability to not sleep, lack of being able to function, those things, you should get checked out quickly.”