Tulsa Pain Doctor

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Are you looking for one of the most qualified and highly coveted Tulsa pain Doctor in Tulsa? Dr. Kris Parturi, D.O. believes in connecting and every patient and building a relationship with them, and because he believes that able ensure better treatments and recovery success. His main focus is getting his patients back to normal in getting their life started and moving forward without their chronic pain. Dr. Kris Parturi, D.O. attended Kansas University School of Medicine and Biosciences, completed his residency at Oklahoma State University medical center and spine fellowship at Texas back Institute. Dr. Kris Parturi, D.O. is one of the top sought after orthopedic surgeons in Tulsa Oklahoma because he truly cares about his patients and his patients know that they can trust him and so comfortable with the decisions that he makes for them.

To schedule your orthopedic surgery for your Tulsa spine care back pain relief give us a call at our office at 918-664-4448 and you’ll be able to meet with Dr. Kris Parturi, D.O. and talk with him about which procedure is right for you. Before any procedure is chosen for you you will me with Dr. Kris Parturi, D.O. so that both the you can talk about which she matter procedure option is going to ensure success for your procedure and recovery. Dr. Kris Parturi, D.O. make sure to go over all the details of each surgery before he starts moving forward with anyone. He wants to ensure success with your recovering get you started a life without pain and that’s why he wants to find the best procedure that’s right for your unique needs them pain.

This tulsa pain doctor offers a wide variety of treatment options to meet the unique needs of each person and offers minimally invasive procedures. This tulsa pain doctor provides the techniques and instruments to help patients recover in a quicker amount of time and giving them the option of returning home to recover. Minimally invasive surgery reduces tissue trauma, bleeding and causes less damage to the patient’s body which improves the healing process for quicker and less painful recovery. Unlike other spine care providers sign patients who are undergoing minimally invasive surgery from Dr. Kris Parturi, D.O. can often have their surgery and be able to return home the same day to recover as an outpatient basis. Dr. Kris Parturi, D.O. likes having the option of an outpatient basis for his patients because he knows that recovery in your own home is more comfortable the recovery and and a hospital bed.

Some of the top orthopedic surgeries that patients look for our shoulder arthroscopic and decompression, carpal tunnel release, knee replacement, hip replacement repair of neck, knee, ankle fracture, repair of rotator cuff tendon and spinal fusion. Dr. Kris Parturi, D.O. make sure to find the best procedure for you relieving you of your pain and giving you the best recovery possible. One of Dr. Kris Parturi, D.O.’s main focuses is a helping you thrive after your tulsa pain doctor and not just survive the rest your life. He wants you to progress forward and start reclaiming the time that you lost because your chronic pain. He wants you progress toward a goal despite your chronic pain and reclaim the time that you lost with your friends and family. He went you start doing the things the you love again and try some new things because you been relieved from your chronic pain.

Dr. Kris Parturi, D.O. and Tulsa spine pain is currently located in South Tulsa conveniently and 91st between Yale and Harvard. Making it extremely easy for you to locate them no matter where you are within Tulsa. Dr. Kris Parturi, D.O. want you to be the next patient helping and supporting used to your recovery and treatment. He wants everybody to have the opportunity to live a life free of their chronic pain and have the opportunity to reclaim their time and surgery and things that they have always wanted to do. His main goal is giving his patients back to normal and thriving in their lives afterwards. So schedule your Tulsa spine care back pain relief orthopedic surgery at this tulsa pain doctor so you to can start living a life without chronic pain and a better life you always wanted.