Say Yes To No More Pain

We all know “the walk.” It’s the walk that you do when you are having a severe case of back pain but want to try to disguise it from the people around you. But you are not fooling anyone when you have severe back pain. The only person you are fooling is your self because you have not called Dr. Kris Parchuri, the expert Tulsa pain doctor who will change your life forever. Listen to your wife and stop suffering through the back pain with ice packs and back braces. Too many people lose sight of what it is really like to live pain free. Call today at 539-664-4448.

Dr. Parchuri loves the look on people’s face when they discover what it is really like to live without their severe chronic back pain. Or maybe it’s not back pain but shoulder pain, neck pain or something of the sort. He is a pain expert and can diagnose your specific problem and the treatment option that you will need that will work best for you. If you need a Tulsa pain doctor who knows his stuff, then you need to call this guy. He has hundreds of former patients who can testify to his greatness and the wonders he can do through his modern treatment options.

Most doctors just offer standard surgical procedures or treatments that are not designed specifically for each case. To be honest, they are just interested in gaining you as a client so they can make more money. But Dr. Parchuri is one of those special doctors who is in this industry because it is his passion. This is what he loves to do and you can really tell from the moment you meet him. He is different than other doctors and you can tell by the way that he does his work and the relationships that he builds with his clients. He will treat you like family from the first handshake to the final consultation.

His staff is just like him and you will surely feel at home each time you visit for your appointment. They want to make sure that they do not interrupt your life and that your appointments fit around your schedule as best as possible. You are the most important part of this equation and they want to make sure that they bend over backwards to do everything they possibly can to benefit you throughout the entire treatment process. You should settle for nothing less when it comes to your back. Your spine and back is in an extremely vital part of your day-to-day life and should be treated with the utmost care and respect. That’s exactly how you will be treated at Dr. Parchuri’s office.

It’s time that you discover the Tulsa pain doctor who goes above and beyond the call of duty. He will not leave you in pain for the rest of your life. He will not accept the fact that there are no treatment options for you if you have had failed treatments in the past. He will do whatever it takes to help you make the best decision for your life. He will find a treatment that works for you, whether it involves surgery or is a nonsurgical treatment options such as spinal injections, or common pain medications. Whatever it may be, you can trust that Dr. Parchuri is the right doctor for you. Give him a call today and change your life forever.

Diagnosis: No More Pain!

Take a moment to imagine what your life would be like pain-free. Would you be able to go ice skating with your kids? Keep up on the golf course with your friends without having to cut out early? Enjoy yoga with your spouse like you used to? Go rock climbing with your teenage boys? There are so many things you can do in this life when you are living pain free. You do not have to limit yourself anymore because of your chronic back pain. Dr. Kris Parchuri is the Tulsa pain doctor you need. He has years of experience and his clients can tell you firsthand just how incredible his treatment options have been for them.

When you undergo treatment with Dr. Parchuri the diagnosis will be pain-free living. He loves to help people rediscover what life is like without their back pain. Too many people go on for too many years just suffering through their back pain and living day-to-day as best they can. But this is no way to live. You are never really alive if you are not thriving without pain. Don’t just do what it takes to get by any longer. Dr. Parchuri’s surgical and nonsurgical treatment options will surely make you rediscover your life and help you in ways you never thought possible.

Maybe you have been looking for a great Tulsa pain doctor but you have been constantly concerned about the surgical treatments that you will undergo. The great news is that Dr. Parchuri has studied treatment options and has a world-class education. All of his surgical techniques are minimally invasive. That’s good news and will make you less anxious during surgery. You don’t have to fear when you undergo surgery with Dr. Parchuri. Just ask any of his former patients or visit them on their website at to read more about all of the treatment options.

If you don’t want to have surgery or surgery is not an option for you, there are many great nonsurgical treatment options as well. Some of these include spinal injections, weight loss, quitting smoking, and common pain medications. It’s incredible what having a good doctor on your side will do. If you have been frustrated with another Tulsa pain doctor that you have visited recently, just take the chance and come in to Dr. Parchuri to discover for yourself why he is so different. You will know that there is a difference in this spine and orthopedic specialist office from the moment you sit down for your first consultation.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to get back to the life you love today? You have been putting this off for years, and it’s time to give yourself the treatment that you have always deserved. Whatever your reason is, whether it’s so you can go golfing, enjoy your life with your spouse, or be the parents that your kids can play with, it will be worth it. That we can promise you. Don’t wait another day living through back pain that you don’t have to suffer through. Get back to your life today and call 539-664-4448 to speak with one of Dr. Parchuri’s train the specialists.