Back To Your Future, Part Two: No Back Pain!

Have you ever had a dream where you were living with no pain? For many adults who have suffered with severe back pain their entire life, this dream often feels like it will never become a reality. Living a life pain-free is something that just cannot happen. But this is a lie and you don’t have to believe it any longer. The great news for you is that Dr. Kris Parchuri is here to save the day and get you back to your life. He is the Tulsa pain doctor you have been waiting for.

Dr. Parchuri has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to give you the best treatment options in the industry. Are you frustrated with other doctors you have been to? When doing research about this Tulsa pain doctor, it quickly became clear that he was the top choice for people suffering from back pain in Tulsa. So many of his previous clients have become fans of his and have posted their testimonials online. The reason they are so thrilled with Dr. Parchuri is because of the amazing work that he has done for them. He has gotten them back to the lies they love.

If you are wondering what treatment option is right for you, Dr. Parchuri will help you make that decision. He will give you all of the information you need to make the proper choice when it comes to dealing with your back pain. Surgery is not the only option! He offers many nonsurgical treatment options such as activity modification, weight loss, quitting smoking, common pain medications, and spinal injections. These are all great options if back surgery is the absolute last alternative that you want to pursue.

If surgery is required, you don’t have to be anxious about anything. Back surgery from other doctors is typically invasive and can lead to long recovery times and risky procedures. But when you come to Dr. Parchuri and his expertly trained staff, they will perform minimally invasive surgery that will lead to quicker recovery times and get you back in your feet. Their goal is to have this be a quick process that doesn’t take up too much of your life. They want to answer all your questions about surgery. When it comes to surgery most people are hesitant and are worried about the risk factor. But with Dr. Parchuri you don’t have to worry.

Give these guys a call today and take the step that you have been wanting to take for years in healing your back pain. You can call them during normal business hours and speak with any of their highly trained specialists. Their phone number is 539-664-4448. Call them today and set up that initial consultation and start your journey to a back pain free life. Can you even imagine? Being able to do all of the activities you have longed to do for years. It will be an incredible experience for you to live pain-free and this Tulsa pain doctor wants to help you get there.

No Pain Yes Gain!

Have you heard the phrase no pain no gain? That is true in a lot of situations in life, but it should not be true when it comes to your back pain. Back pain, severe or just typical, this something you should not have to live with. Dr. Parchuri is a Tulsa pain doctor who has years of experience helping patients get back to the lives that they deserve. His techniques are the best among other doctors and you will love the customer service he provides.

They offer many great treatment options. Surgery is something that scares most people. But the good news is that this Tulsa pain doctor has many nonsurgical treatment options. Some of those include quitting smoking, weight loss, proper lifting, medications, and spinal injections. If these treatments are not an option and surgery is required, Dr. Parchuri will walk you through the different types of surgery that are available. All of his surgical techniques are noninvasive and he uses the newest technology and treatments.

Customer service that Dr. Parchuri provides is second to none. He takes the time to sit down with you and have an initial client meeting. During this meeting he will assess your needs and your desires. After all, this surgery and treatment is all about you. This is not about what will make the doctor the most money. He is here for you and he is different than the other Tulsa pain doctor you’ve been to in the past. Quit waiting and start calling this great company. They will truly change your life in so many ways that you won’t even believe it.

Isn’t it time that you got back to living the life that you love? Let’s be honest, with severe back pain, it is just impossible to enjoy the activities that you have loved your entire life. I have known many friends and family members who have suffered from back pain their entire lives and never did anything about it. Put away the ice packs and back braces and call Dr. Parchuri and his excellent staff to set up your first consultation to a better life. Today’s the day to cure your back pain forever.

You don’t have to be afraid when you come to this pain doctor. He has so many experienced clients that love the work that he is done for them. Some even call him and miracle worker! Many of his clients were frustrated after years of failed treatments with other doctors. They were so thrilled when they found Dr. Parchuri. Check out his website at or give them a call during normal business hours at 539-664-4448 to get in touch with one of their trained specialists. You will not be sad that you called this pain doctor. He will have you in tiptop shape in no time.