Tulsa Crowns Aren’t Just For Your Noggin

This content was written for South Tulsa Dental.

At one point or another, we will probably all be there. Finding ourselves in need of Tulsa crowns from South Tulsa Dental. Day-to-day wear and tear on your teeth or maybe an accident can leave your smile in need of repair. If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t wasting time. The longer you wait the more complications can arise. Call the good team at South Tulsa Dental at 918-628-0834. They would love to answer your questions or help you set up an appointment.
Tulsa crowns brought to you by South Tulsa Dental are common dental procedure. A crown is the covering that is placed on top of the tooth that has been broken down and is past the point of being restored. The crown helps restore the tooth back to its original shape. Additionally, provide a covering that will strengthen and guard the tooth. Crowns can be created from several different materials such as ceramic, for a natural appearance, or even gold. Don’t be ashamed of needing a crown. Seek help for your mouth and call the team at South Tulsa Dental today.
Nowadays receiving Tulsa crowns is faster than ever. At the South Tulsa Dental office it can be done in as little as one visit. Your custom crowns designed for 3-D imaging camera and state of the art computer software. Once your ceramic crown has been designed and created, it will be taken to the lab to be glazed and porcelain so that it best matches your teeth. Your crown will then be cemented on top of the damaged tooth and tested for strength and durability. Having your crown cemented in check can be done in as little as an hour. So if you have a damaged tooth what are you waiting for? The process is quick and simple and will save you a lot of damage, pain and headaches down the road.
Crowns are not the only service that South Tulsa Dental offers. In addition to the traditional checkups, they provide a variety of other services. If you find yourself being one of the many Americans that find visiting the dentist less than a pleasant experience, ask the team at South Tulsa Dental about sedation. While not everybody requires or should be sedated for their dental procedures, for those who are excessively fearful or nervous sedation can help them relax and put them at ease. This is why Dr. Chris Tricinella is certified in both adult and pediatric conscious sedation.
If you find yourself needing dental procedures, then turn to the caring staff at South Tulsa Dental. Dr. Chris Tricinella graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of dentistry in 2007 in this been practicing in Tulsa ever since. He and his staff love to help you achieve your best smile possible. They will take the time to get to know you and your family and you will always feel welcome. For more information or to schedule appointment reach the South Tulsa Dental office at 918-628-0834.

Don’t Let Your Teeth Suffer: Tulsa Crowns
This content was written for South Tulsa Dental.
The team South Tulsa Dental passionate about helping you achieve your most beautiful and vibrant smile possible. They offer a variety of treatments from Tulsa crowns to cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve that goal. At their office you will always be treated with care and compassion. You should never have a negative dental experience. They work with a variety of insurance providers offer other financing options to ensure that your dental treatment is affordable. To schedule an appointment or for more information please call 918-628-0834.
One of the common procedures that adults often find themselves in need of our Tulsa crowns. Over time your teeth may sustain a lot of damage. Sometimes this damage becomes past the point of frustration. That’s where crowns come in. Crowns are caps or coverings used to protect guard and strengthen damaged teeth. This ensures that no further damage can be cost to your tooth. Best of all this procedure can be done in as little as one office visit. The final step of cementing and testing your crown for strength and durability is completed within an hour. If you have a damaged tooth, seeking early treatment is vitally important. If you wait to call your dentist, many more complications can arise. Not to mention the amount of pain you may find yourself in.
Children may find themselves in need of Tulsa crowns, as well. The team South Tulsa Dental is truly dedicated to giving children the best start to a healthy smile possible. They will take the time to show your children all the dental tools in the office. Additionally, your child will receive a toothbrush and be given a how to brush demonstration. A child’s first visit to the dentist office is vitally important. It sets the tone for a lifetime of healthy teeth. Best of all, good behavior is rewarded with a visit to the toy box.
Adults and children alike may find themselves more than just a little bit nervous about having to go to the dentist. For those who are truly afraid or nervous about visiting dentist, South Tulsa Dental offers sedation. Dr. Chris Tricinella is certified in both pediatric and adult conscious sedation. The most common form of sedation is nitrous oxide or laughing gas. The process is simple and safe. The patient just breathes in the mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen through a mask. After treatment, the patient can return to their normal activities and are even able to drive themselves home. Not everyone needs dental sedation, but for those who do rest assured that it is available.
Regardless of your age, or dental needs, South Tulsa Dental is there to help. They will always treat you with care and compassion. You should never have a less than positive experience at your dentist office. Let them help alleviate your fear of the dentist. Have a better dentist experience. The phone call the South Tulsa Dental office today. Reach their caring and considerate staff at 918-628-0834.