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The human body has 206 bones in it. Women have 207 and set because they have one extra rib bone. But there are a select number of people that have 208. They are born with one extra disk in their spine. Call the Tulsa spine Doctor at spine and orthopedic specialists at 539-664-4448 to see if you are one of the special people to have an extra bone in their body. Are you a superhuman? What is causing the pain in your back? What did you do about it? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

A good at Tulsa spine Doctor is Dr. Parchuri with spine and orthopedic specialists. They can help find out if you have an extra vertebrae in your spine. They can do it easy procedure to pull this one bone out. It is called a percutaneous disk removal. Is it has minimal invasive procedure and it lets them make a small incision causing very little damage to the muscle. It causes for a quick recovery. They can go in and cut out that extra vertebrae and get you back to normal. Or maybe not back to normal, back to the new normal. Doctor Jason and Dr. Parchuri are very very skilled at what they do.

Between the two Tulsa spine Doctor, they have over 10 years experience in the field of orthopedic surgery. Doctor Chris per cheery got his degree at a Kansas City University of medicine and bioscience. He got his orthopedic residency in Tulsa at Oklahoma State University Medical Center. And then he finished getting his spine fellowship at the Texas back Institute in Plano Texas. Doctor Jason specializes in diseases of the spine but it lots of training in motion preservation disc replacement and minimal invasive techniques including endoscopic dissecting me he loves trying to find all of the nonsurgical wave to fix and that and back before he tells you need surgery. Doctor Sparks says that his goal is to provide effective spinal care to return his patients to a productive life that is as pain-free as possible he evaluates each and every patient by themselves and recommended treatment may just for them and he uses surgery as a last option.

These two octor are very very qualified. As the information above states they have many years of experience and they try to help their clients as much as possible. Doctor Jason says that on top of providing extensive care for his clients, he encourages everybody to live a physical E active life because the more you move, the healthier you will be. Living in a healthy active lifestyle is the number one way to keep injury free. You can look up all of their patient testimonials on the

It can be hard to find a doctor to work on your back nowadays, with everybody getting a degree in opening up shop. SOS Tulsa.oh make it easy for you to find the right doctor. If you call them at 539-664-4448 it will direct you to the right doctor for you. Whether it’s crisp archery or Jason Sparks, you’ll know your back is in good hands. Call them today for your free consultation.

Dont Drop The Soap ; Tulsa Spine Doctor

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Careful don’t drop the soap, you probably will not be able to take a backup if your back is giving you problems. Dr. Parchuri a Tulsa spine Doctor at spine and orthopedic specialists can be reached at 539-664-4448. There they can take care of any back problems that you have. Whether you just have a sore back, a pinched nerve, or anything up to a broken back, Aiken do it all. Why wait till you are debilitated and have a serious injury to have them check you out, it’s better to do preventative maintenance than to have to be stuck somewhere waiting for your body to recover.

If you are like me, you use your back for every little thing you do every day. The spine is a very important part of the body, it connects every organ nerve and bone to one central location. Without it you would just be a sack of potatoes. You would be all the walk, you would be able to sit, he wouldn’t be able to stand at all. But the perfect Tulsa spine Doctor out there is Dr. Parchuri and Doctor Jason Sparks over at spine and orthopedic specialists. Have a huge list of treatment options. They cover weight loss all the way to back reconstruction.

They have what is called anterior thoracic vertebral body replacement where they come at you from the front and remove any of the broken vertebrae and then they replace it to help stabilize your spine this will take away anything that hurts or puts pressure on your spine and nerves that may have been caused by a fractured vertebrae. This is usually caused by a tumor that is on the front side of your spine, putting pressure on the spine and nerves and it could cause a fractured vertebrae. Don’t wait to let happens, talk to them now to see if you can get in and get a checkup to prevent that.

Kyphoplasty is another thing that the Tulsa spine doctor likes to do. It is a procedure that is designed to stabilize a fracture. You are sedated with anesthesia a balloon is inserted and inflated to make room for cement. Then they pulled the balloon out and they inject the cement with a needle. The cement becomes hard inside the bone and stabilizes the fracture and get rid of the pain from the broken bone. And there’s no scars because everything is done laparoscopically and it is an outpatient procedure. It only takes a couple hours. From

For more information about spinal treatments call them today at 539-6644 448. Again that is Tulsa spine and orthopedic specialists, they are local doctors and love helping patients feel better every day. Don’t wait until it’s too late, but your back fixed today. There friendly staff is standing by and ready to help take care of you in any way and form possible. They bend over backwards so you don’t have to. No one does it better than the doctors at Tulsa spine and orthopedic specialists.