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This content was writtten for Dr. Parchuri.

Everyone knows now days that smoking is bad for you. Used to be that it was the hip and cool thing to do. Well now thanks to the Surgeon General’s warning, it is written everywhere that smoking kills and causes cancer. Because of some major lawsuit that proved that smoking can lead to cancer and cause you to die. Let this be your spine surgeon general warning. Your bag may in fact be in danger of collapsing. You don’t really know until you have it checked out by a professional. Call us Tulsa spine surgeons such as Dr. Sparks and Dr. Parchuri adds spine and orthopedic specialists by dialing 918-664-4448 today.

Tulsa spine surgeons are few and far between. You might think that there’s not many of them, and so you need to do your research and find out which one of these people you are going to trust your life with. Let me help ease your decision-making pain. Go with the best, and most experienced in the field. Dr. Sparks and Dr. perjury of spine and orthopedic specialist in Tulsa have been perfect forming surgery for over 20 years. They have gone to multiple top-notch schools to learn their trade her. They have a long list of testimonials on their website and would do anything that they have to to make sure you are filling welcome.

One of the best Tulsa spine surgeons around is Dr. Sparks. He believes that surgery is meant to be a last resort, a last option. He does not mind performing surgery, and he is very good at it, but he likes to let the body repair itself. Search on, and require way too much recovery time. So he has set his sights on finding a better way to repair the humans spine. He has come up with a really extensive list of valuable options that will help you regain your strength your back. These methods require no cutting, and if any scarring, very very little. The list consists of spinal concrete injections into stress fractures all the way to cold laser treatment.

That doctors all did the same thing every single day. They all would run into the hospital wash up but their gloves on their scrubs on go to work not questioning the method one bit. Not wondering if there is a better way. All they knew was that it worked and so they might as well do it that way. All the doctors aspire and orthopedic specialists have questioned this method and have found that there are better ways than having to always default to a surgery on your spine. They like to meet you and give you a sense of consultation to find out your needs to properly decide which method of treatment they use on you.

Call them today at 918-664-4448 to find out what these amazing doctors have found out and how they can perform them on you to make you feel better about yourself. They can help you regain your strength and your sense of use that you used to have. You can wake up tomorrow feeling a new and ready to take on another full day. At spine and orthopedic specialists, you will not regret your decision to make an appointment with them.

There Is No Place like Home | Tulsa Spine Surgeons

This content was writtten for Dr. Parchuri

Everybody knows that there is no place like home. There is no place that you feel loved and accepted then your own home. Walking through your own front door and knowing that you will not be judged by what you do. You will be loved and accepted no matter what. You do not want to be away from home for very long. The unfortunate thing is that surgery can cause you to stay at a hospital for sometimes months on end because the surgery. This is what most Tulsa spine surgeons recommend for back pain. At Tulsa spine and orthopedic specialists, this is their last resort, to a better feeling spine. Call them at 918-664-4448 to experience the difference and what a call the better back guarantee.

Everybody loves a vacation, it’s time away from your home, time away from work, time away from life. Your work only usually allows you a limited number of days off. The last thing you want to do is waste them all on a visit to the hospital. You want to save those vacation days for Christmas time to see your family and a week and sometimes maybe two weeks during the summer to take off and enjoy and relax. The Tulsa spine surgeons of orthopedic specialists Tulsa I agree with this and try to help you keep your time off to just your personal enjoyment. Make sure you give Dr. Sparks and Dr. perch. Call and see how they can save you time today.

Why is it that everybody takes takes takes, they never think about anybody but themselves. They only want to know what benefit them. The Tulsa spine surgeons at spine and orthopedic specialists of Tulsa try their very best to keep your interests at heart. They know that your time is valuable and so they try every Avenue possible when deciding what needs to happen for you to regain your strength in your back. They have alternate methods of therapy and treatment to avoid surgery altogether. Since surgery is so invasive and stressful, they use methods that leaves little to no scarring, and no damage in its wake.
Dr. Sparks and Dr. perch or he of spine and orthopedic specialists of Tulsa exhaust every Avenue possible to keep you from having to undergo any form of surgery on her back. Your back is a very valuable piece of your body, and to be respected and taken care of. They respect your body and your needs, by making sure that you are well taken care of and are not experiencing any excessive pain. They want to help you regain your strength and your mobility from your use by using all of their methods of non-spine surgery practice.

Call Dr. Sparks and Dr. perch Yuri at spine and orthopedic specialists of Tulsa to find out how they have achieved such a high number of success stories in the field of spine surgery. They would love to have you as one of their new patients and would love to help write your story of success. Call them today at 918-664-4448 and make an appointment to have your free consultation.