Spinal Cord Injuries and Stem Cell Treatments

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Utilizing stem cell injections could help to relieve you of back pain or heal your spinal cord injuries. To learn more about stem cell injections you are going to want to contact the spine surgeon Dr. Parchuri at the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists by calling 539-664-4448. Dr. Parchuri will sit down to first understand what type of back injury you have and then he will have a discussion with you about the best methodologies, therapies, and surgeries that could help it. He is passionate about ensuring that you get only the optimal services to relieve you of your back pain.

The last thing the doctor Parchuri wants to do is prescribe unnecessary therapies or surgeries for you to get rid of your back pain. If he can find a simple way to rid you of your back pain and get you back to your normal way of life, then he will do that. If the only option for you to get rid of your back pain and get back to a normal way of life is to have surgery and he will do that as well. This new method of stem cell injections has been proven in a few studies to have positive benefits for healing spinal cord injuries. Depending on what your injury is Dr. Parchuri may suggest the use of stem cells.

One of the easiest forms of curing back pain is to lose some weight. For every 10 pounds of weight gained the spine feels an extra 70 pounds. Therefore, if you are overweight or you have recently gained weight you’re putting excessive stress on your spine. By changing nutrition habits, getting proper low-level activity, and dropping some weight it is very likely that your back will start to feel better. This is quite simply because you are relieving the stress that it is having to support.

If surgery is the only option and the best option, then Dr. Parchuri will describe to you in detail the exact procedure that you will be going through. Fortunately, not all spine surgeries require drastic measures. Some of them are minimally invasive. One of them that is minimally invasive is the lateral lumbar interbody fusion. In this surgery, the lumbar spine is actually accessed from the side of the body instead of opening up the back of the body. So do not despair if you end up needing spinal surgery because they are all different in the amount of invasiveness that they require.

It is on a case-by-case basis that the surgery is decided. Depending on the severity of your injury. The first step, of course, is to schedule your initial appointment with Dr. Parchuri so he can get a clear picture of what is going on and take a look at what your injury or issue may be. From there you will diagnose the issue and then prescribe what he believes to be the best treatment for your spinal issues or back pain. To schedule your first appointment call 539-664-4448.

Stem Cell Injections for Spinal Cord Injuries

This content was written for Parchuri

Have you ever heard of stem cell injections to heal back injuries and spinal cord injuries? If you haven’t it might just be because it is a fairly new technology that is being used to treat spinal cord injuries. To learn more about how stem cell injections may help you with your spinal cord injuries contact Dr. Parchuri by calling 539-664-4448. By having a consultation with Dr. Parchuri, you will be able to determine if stem cell injections are the right option for you or if there is another more viable option to help you with your spinal cord injury.

Dr. Parchuri is extremely passionate about helping his patients get back to a normal quality of life by relieving them of their back pain. He ensures that he stays at the forefront of the spinal therapy and spinal surgery techniques and methods. He wants to ensure that he is providing the absolute best possible solutions for his clients to get back to a normal quality of life absent of back pain. This is why you are going to want to talk to him about stem cells and how they may or may not be able to help you.

Dr. Parchuri and his partner Dr. Sparks are huge proponents of exhausting all nonsurgical methods of treatment before even considering surgical methods. They do this because spine surgery is no easy matter. It is a big surgery and requires extensive recovery time. They want to ensure that anything that needs to be corrected is corrected before utilizing surgery as a method to fix the pain. By utilizing all nonsurgical methods of treatment before surgical methods they actually improve the outcome and the results of surgery if surgery ends up needing to be done. It is always better to be on the conservative side when you’re dealing with your spine and surgery.

One of the nonsurgical injections that is used is a simple spinal injection. This spinal injection could be the aforementioned stem cells, or it can be as simple as a steroid shot that helps to calm down inflammation of the area causing the pain. This steroid injection is best utilized if you’re having arm and leg pain. However, the only issue that you may have with using the steroid injections is that they can only use them a certain amount of times per year. That number of times that they can be used per year is about three. So if they end up wearing off faster than you would’ve hoped, then you have to look for other methods to help relieve your back pain.

One of those other methods is to utilize bracing systems for your spine. Bracing allows the patient to understand the range of motion that they should be moving in, and it helps to prevent any excess ranges of motion that could be causing pain. This basically helps to retrain the individual the ranges of motion that they should be staying within. Bracing is also quite frequently used after a spinal surgery has been conducted.