Spinal Injury ; stem cell injections

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Dr. Parchuri knows that stem cell injections is the answer to any spinal injury. Are you in pain from a spinal injury that you recently just had? Stop living in pain and come to Spine and Orthopedic Specialists that is right here in the Tulsa area. We promise that we will take excellent care of you and get you on your way to the road of recovery from your spinal injury. We know that having a spinal injury is definitely not a fun experience. For those of you have suffered from intense pain from a spinal injury, you know that you must have only the most elite specialist to treat this problem in your spine.

News has spread far and wide that stem cell injections is a very safe and very effective procedure to completely treat the spinal injury that you may be experiencing. Dr. Parchuri is the leading spine specialist and Tulsa. If you had experienced any type of spinal injury do not go anywhere else other than coming to Spine and Orthopedic Specialists that are right here in Tulsa. Dr. Parchuri is the only spine specialist that you should trust with your spinal injury, he has been treating spinal injuries for many many years, he is definitely no amateur to this field.

For those who believe that they are without hope from suffering from a spinal injury, we are here to tell you that there is hope.Through Dr. Parchuri’s expertise in spinal treatment, you can rest assure that he will give you the best treatment possible. Our staff know that stem cell injections is a procedure that is a recommended once we have exhausted all nonsurgical treatment options. Don’t trust your spinal injury with anyone else other than him. Dr. Parchuri has a reputation all around Tulsa for being the top spine specialist in Oklahoma.

Dr. Parchuri has a wealth of knowledge on spinal treatments. He’s been performing spinal treatments for over 10 years. One particular spinal treatment that he specializes in injections. It is an injection that can be performed under an x-ray. This procedure involves not only numbing the skin, but also injecting the spine with steroids that will calm down the inflammation that is in a specific area of your spine. This particular spine injection usually works well for any arm or leg pain, but this particular treatment can only be performed three times a year. While some spine specialist may perform this procedure four or five times a year, we want to make you very aware that this is not safe. The maximum amount of times that you should ever have a stem cell injections in a years time is the maximum out amount of three times.

Has your spine been injured even worse by going to the wrongs I know specialist? If you have been injured even worse by another spine specialist, stop going to the specialist and come to Dr. Parchuri who will fix the damage the damage that has been done. We promise that you will be on the quick road of recovery once you have come to Spine and Orthopedic Specialists that are right here in Tulsa. To schedule in your appointment, give us a call at 539-664-448.


Road to Recovery

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It is very important that you go to only the top spine specialists to be treated for any spinal injury that requires injection.
Dr. Parchuri knows that stem cell injections is a very effective treatment for a spinal injury. Once you have a spinal injection treatment, it is important that you follow some guidelines. One of those guidelines that you need to follow is resting after your injection. Once you have rested for a while, then you slowly need to increase your activity with proper lifting mechanics such as bending at the knees and not bending your back. We know that people who are not taught the proper protocol after a spinal injection, their journey to recovery becomes much slower and not near as progressive.

There are several guideline protocols for spinal treatment. It is important to follow all of guidelines. One specific spinal treatment called stem cell injections has a few specific guidelines. After you’ve had the injection, it is important to get on a healthy diet so you can lose weight, when you lose weight it will take the strain off of your back. For every ten pounds you lose your spine feels even better and better. For every ten pounds that you lose, your spine feels like it lost a huge seventy pounds. It is very important that you get on the road to weight loss once you have had your spine injection.

Once you’ve had your spinal injection it is important that you stop smoking if you are a smoker. If you continue to smoke after having your spinal injections your increasing your neck and back pain. Another side effect to continue smoking is the fact that you are decreasing your blood supply to your spine which will lead to an early aging to your spine. We want you to have a healthy and strong spine, therefore you will have to stop smoking. We promise that once you stop smoking your overall health will drastically improve. When your health improves, you will feel so much better. Dr. Parchuri knows that the stem cell injections is by far the most effective procedure for spine injury.

After you’ve had treatment for your spinal injury, there are a few things you must do in order to keep staying on the right journey of healing. One of those action items are to continue to stay positive after you’ve had the procedure done. When you have a negative mindset it causes your body to want to shut down and give up. In order to create a positive mindset, you must always think the best in every situation, and surround yourself with positive people who will up lift you in discouraging situations.

At spine and orthopedic specialists in Tulsa we promise to perform a smooth and quick spine injection to fix your spinal injury. We know that it is very painful to have spine injury, therefore it is very important to have a top spine specialist perform a spinal injection. Don’t trust anyone else other than Dr. Parchuri to perform your spinal injection. To schedule in your appointment, give us a quick call at 539-664-448.