Claremore Got You Bent Out Of Shape? ; Spine Surgeon Claremore

This Content was written for Dr. Parchuri

Howdy y’all, welcome to Claremore. Where your dreams become reality. There is so much to see and do way out here in the Podunk middle know where. I cannot wait to tell you about all the exciting things you can see and do here. But first things first, let’s take care of your back. Claremore is a farming and ranching town. That means a lot of manual labor, meaning lots of stress on your back. Dr. Parchuri with spine and orthopedic specialists would love to be spine surgeon Claremore community. Call them today at 539-664-4448.

Let’s talk about the type of client that he would like to see. Well, really everyone. Everyone has a back don’t they. From little kids, to mothers, to dads, to your cousins and uncles. Really the only person he won’t treat is Hillary Clinton. Because really she is spinelessĂ– Can’t do anything about that. If you’re looking for a spine surgeon Claremore has got just the right guy. Dr. Parchuri is in love with the human spine. He would make love to it if you could. He knows that thing like the back of his hand. He knows which bone and which nerve is responsible for doing everything in the body.

He hasd years and years of experience with the human spine. You can trust him with your back. He will take care of it and put it back to new. He will restore your youth. You can jump back on the ranch and finish that long job that you are working on. Don’t wait too long to see him. Don’t wait until you break your back. A healthy back is a happy back. If your back is in pain, you’re not very happy, you’re also very slow. Speed up your work with a healthy back. It’s like giving yourself a tuneup, fixing your struts. If an earthquake hit your area, and messed up your walls, you would get the fix would you not? Exactly, just like your backĂ– If you messed up your back in any way, give him a call, he’ll get you fixed right up.

He is not like any other redneck spinal surgeon you’ve ever met. He does not believe that duct tape fixes everything. He uses the latest and greatest technology in all of his procedures and therapies. From a simple adjustment, to a extensive spinal surgery reconstruction. He has done it all and will do it all again if he has to. There is not much under the sun when it comes to the spine that he has not done or is not willing to do. If you want a spinal transplant you could possibly give them a call and see if he might be interested.

Make sure you find just the right spine surgeon Claremore has to offer. He does not use any hocus-pocus when dealing with your back. He is very professional and very hip. He dresses to impress, and he impresses with his amazing talent. His finger is like the Midas touch. One Touch and your back is golden. Don’t wait, call him today at 539-664-4448!