Put your back into it

This content was written for Dr. Parchuri.

At the offices of Dr. Parchuri a patient receives the highest level of medical care anywhere in the city of Tulsa. They offer amazing procedure payment plans and treatment options. With one of the specialties being Spinal Fusion Surgery Tulsa, they are at the forefront of the medical community here in Tulsa. His staff is full of trained professionals in the care that they provide is second to none. The results of this amazing care by this amazingly professional staff has led to multiple people bragging and recommending through word-of-mouth to their friends and family about Dr. Parchuri and his staff. This high level of devotion to their patients has caused them to be one of the most sought after staffs when it comes to surgical procedures. You can reach them at 539-664-4448 or go online and look their website. His wonderful staff can help walk you through how to set up an appointment.

It can be an extremely scary time for someone like yourself when you are looking for the right option for your Spinal Fusion Surgery Tulsa, there is an endless supply of different medical physicians offering to perform surgeries for you, but let’s be honest how do you know if they’re legitimate. Well that concern can be alleviated with the offices of Dr. Parchuri and his professional staff. One of the most amazing features about his office is that they can provide you with all of your treatment options not just the ones that require surgery and prior to actually going over your surgical potential needs they will go over your options for non-surgical treatment.

They offer completely personalized treatment programs designed to fit every customer regardless of age or gender. Some of the other options that they offer which don’t require surgery are numerous they can offer you things such as spinal injections, Spinal Bracing/Spinal Orthosis, which, as a support system is sometimes used for short period of time so the person spine can be limited from harmful movements that may hurt the spine worse. They also offer physical therapy is a noninvasive option.

At the offices Of Spine and Orthopedic Specialist Dr. Parchuri and his staff are solely focused on you is the customer and patient. They know that if you are confident with your decision to go forward with your procedure this going to help you relax and ultimately what they want is just that you have the best procedure possible not because they have to but because they want to. At their offices they aim to please the patient so that you can have the best experience you possibly can.

They have a website you can go look at to see all of your potential options or if you would prefer you can give them a call as well they would love to talk to you 539-664-4448. They offer amazing customer service to their patients, just give them a chance.