No More Back Pain

This content was written for Spine and Orthopedic Specialists

Are you looking for the best Spinal Fusion Surgery Tulsa has to offer? What is this place called Spine and Orthopedic specialists that you keep hearing so much about? Could it be the great doctor known as Dr. Parchuri who has 10 years experience? Could be the knowledgeable faculty and staff that answer all your questions in a timely manner? Could it be that quick recovery process and the minimally invasive surgery treatment options? Or maybe even the noninvasive treatment options and nonsurgical treatments? It is all of the above and that is why you should call 539-664-4448.

Dr. Parchuri graduated from the Kansas City University of medicine and biosciences College of osteopathic medicine. He actually completed his residency at Oklahoma State University medical Center and he also received a spine fellowship at the Texas back Institute. All of this and the fact that he has 10 years of experience in orthopedic surgery field and orthopedic surgery of the spine. There is no better qualified surgeon to do your Spinal Fusion Surgery Tulsa than Dr. Parchuri. Plus it has a ring to it doesn’t it? He treat all types of fractures that will tell you about throughout this article.

Dr. Parchuri does the best surgery. When it comes to Spinal Fusion Surgery Tulsa he does that plus all types of other treatments. He helped heal fractures including shoulder fractures, elbow, hand, hip, knee, foot, ankle fractures and anything in between. He is the expert when it comes to healing fractures. There are a lot of different options that he can do if you do not want surgery. They also have spinal injections and nonsurgical treatment options that are available. This is how he is different from other surgeons because he doesn’t push you into surgery if you don’t want it.

But the great news is that if you decide to do Spinal Fusion Surgery Tulsa with Dr. Parchuri, the treatment will be minimally invasive and your recovery time will be quicker than you ever thought possible. If you follow the steps he sets in front of you and you are diligent in your recovery processes, you will recover quickly and get back to living your life pain-free. Stop and think about living your life without back pain. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Back and become a reality for you today if you call 539-664-4448. Get in touch with Dr. Parchuri and his team at this Spine and Orthopedic Specialist office in Tulsa. They are a great team of specialists to have an award-winning quality service that they are willing to get to you. Call them today and set up your risk-free consultation for spine surgery. Check out our great testimonial videos from previous satisfied customers on our website. Gives a call so we can answering questions you may have.

Spine Surgery At It’s Finest

This content was written for Spine and Orthopedic Specialists

If you are looking for spinal fusion surgery Tulsa and you want a physician you can trust, call 539-664-4448 today. Dr. Parchuri is an knowledgeable spinal surgeon with the utmost degrees and knowledge to help you through your back pain problems. They offer noninvasive treatment options to fit the needs of individuals like yourself to have busy lives. They offer great surgical plans whether you want to get surgery or not. They will help you find the best treatment options for you depending on your particular situation.

If you have hurt your spine and you are seeking results of great spinal fusion surgery Tulsa, this is the place for you to come. Some of the treatment options they have are nonsurgical options like spinal injections, spinal bracing, spinal orthosis, physical therapy, and spine surgery. They have been seen on KRMG, the Tulsa World, and Channel 6 news for their great surgery options that they employ. These doctors are unlike any other. They truly take the time to get to know you as a patient so that you can feel confident and the work that they are doing on your spine.

Dr. Kris Parchuri has over 10 years of experience in the spine and orthopedic specialist world. He is a doctor that you can trust with your life. If you are looking for spinal fusion surgery Tulsa and you are on a budget, this is the place for you to come to. If you need a second opinion then you need to come see Dr. Parchuri today. This doctor will definitely tell you the right path to take. He will not push you in one certain direction just because it will make you more money. He is more concerned with what it will do for you and your life. He wants you to get back on the road to success by helping you with your back problems.

Know he wants to live with back pain forever. If you injured your back and you have spent years on crutches or you have spent years and back raises and you are tired of having these pain problems, call Dr. Parchuri today. Back pain is something that is stressful and you deserve better out of life. If you are looking intospinal fusion surgery Tulsa for the first time, Dr. Parchuri is a great guy to come to. He has the experience, knowledge, expertise, and compassion that you deserve out of your surgeon.

Available for you to call to get in touch with Dr. Parchuri is 539-664-4448. This great operation brings you a team of medical professionals that will help you get back your life sooner rather than later. So if you’re free consultation today by give us a call. Also make sure you buy a website and check out our testimonial videos from previous satisfied customers. Our outstanding customer service team is standing by and ready to answer any questions you may have.