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This Content was written for Dr Parchuri

Are you looking for a Tulsa spine doctor? Is your back starting to sound like your childhood memories. Like that serial you would poor before school. If you listen closely you can hear all of your bones yelling at you snap crackle pop. Dr. Parchuri at spine and orthopedic specialists can be reached at 539-664-4448. There you’ll find that they have an extensive list of treatment options. To name a few weight loss stop smoking and different forms of medication.

At spine and orthopedic specialists you’ll find the best Tulsa spine Doctor. They can help fix you back by activity modification and proper lifting. They will teach you how to bend over and lift a box the proper way. Not the way that you have done your entire life. You know that with your back now the legsÖ We’ve all heard that as a joke. But many people really don’t know how to do it. They will teach you how to bend your knees at the right time and how to keep your back straight when it’s under load. Although it seems like a very minimal and minor detail, that movement alone has put many people in the hospital and fill up spine Doctor books for days.

They specialize in physical therapy. They can often be beneficial, the goal should be to improve flexibility strengthen your muscles and helping you build your endurance. The areas that they really like to focus on his spinal injections. They do this with an x-ray, they numb the skin and inject the spine with a steroid. Don’t worry this is McKenna make you look like the Hulk. This is just to cut down on the pain of them sticking a needle through your skin. It works very good when it for your arms and your leg pain. But don’t think that this is just the easiest and fastest route every time one of your joints hurt. They can only perform this on you three times a year.

In Tulsa spine doctors can be a tricky subject. You want to put your trust in someone that you know is not going to break your back. You want to trust that they know what they are doing and they have the experience. Tulsa spine and orthopedic specialists have been around for years, and Dr. Parchuri got his degree at Texas back Institute in Plano. This is one of the most prestigious spine doctors in America. He has over 10 years of experience when it comes to orthopedic surgery. You can rest assured that he’s got your backÖ Pun intended.

At spine and orthopedic specialists, which can be reached at 539-664-4448, you know that you are in the best of hands. With Doctor Chris but Sherry and Doctor Jason Sparks who between them have over 20 years of experience in the field of orthopedic surgery, there is no reason why you should keep looking for other doctors. The search is over for who to trust your back with. Call today.

Back Breaking? ; Tulsa Spine Doctor

This Content was written for Dr Parchuri

is your back always in pain? Is it hard for you to get up out of your lazy boy. Do you feel like you’re about to die every time you roll out of bed in the morning? Well I have the solution for you. Call 539-664-4448 to get a hold of one of the greatest Tulsa spine Doctor at spine and orthopedic specialists. They have over 20 years of experience in the field of orthopedic surgery. With degrees coming all the way from Tulsa back Institute in Plano Texas.

tulsa spine doctor have a wide array of treatment options was with a couple to name. They will help you with your weight loss. If you gained about 15 pounds ill add roughly 70 pounds to the year back. It’s like having weight on a fulcrum. The further out the way it is, the heavier it feels. Just like your back the more weight that is on top of your body. When you bend over puts more weight and stress on your lower back then you actually think. So weight loss can actually be what is causing your lower back pain. They have the best nurses and doctors in the industry, and they know what they’re talking about. They can help teach you how to lose the weight and keep it off.

They have cervical options that range from anterior cervical dissect to me infusion all the way down to disc replacement. Don’t let that alarm you, disc replacement can be a very beneficial thing to some people. When you have back strain, your disks can fuse together and one of them is required to be taken out. On top of that some people are born with an extra disk and that can cause extra back pain. You may not know that any of this is going on, it flies under the radar. But what you need to do is get your back checked out by Doctor part jury and his partner Doctor Jason at spine and orthopedic specialist by calling 539-664-4448.

Don’t wait until you are old and gray and walking around with one of those walkers that has tennis balls underneath the feet. You know the ones everybody makes fun of?. You don’t want to be one of them to you? I didn’t think so. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. There is nothing worse than having a wonderful day at the picnic with your family, and you bend over to pick up the picnic basket, and you accidentally tweak your back because you don’t know how to properly pick it up. At spine and orthopedic specialists they can help teach you proper lifting by keeping your back straight and bending at the knees the correct way. It is a small detail, but it’s one of the biggest reasons why people and them hurting their back and go to see them.

Doctor Jason and Dr. Parchuri at spine orthopedic specialists are great tulsa Spine Doctor, are patiently waiting for your call at 539-664-4448. Their clients health is their number one goal. They are excited to meet you and can’t wait for you to walk through the doors. What are you waiting for, your future is determined on the health of your back.