Wish You Could Do the Splits? | Sciatica

This content was writtten for Dr. Parchuri

The splits take an amazing amount of flexibility in the hip region. You cannot perform the splits if you happen to have sciatica. This problem is what causes your sciatic nerve to seize up uncontrollably. The sciatic nerve is right on the side of the outside of your hip. It will feel like it’s about to snap all the time. If this is you, you need to call the spine and orthopedic specialists in Tulsa at 918-664-4448. There they can help determine what it is that is causing you pain and help you fix it and prevent it in the future.

If you are one of the Americans that are jumping on the bandwagon of the fitness industry, you need to listen up. Sciatica is a very serious issue. It can keep you from moving the way that you would like to move. You might have build it on to your Crossett get Jim wads and such. You will not build to do a squats or a dead lift without having pain shooting in your hips. This is a very unfortunate problem. But it is something that does happen. You need to call spine orthopedic specialists in Tulsa to find out what you can do to help fix this and if there is something that they can do for you.

They would love to help you determine if sciatica is what you are suffering from and if there’s something they can do to correct it and prevent it from happening in the future. There is nothing worse than what you do the splits not being able to because of such problem is this. You are restricted to minimal movements with your hips and especially no outward movements with them. You definitely want to call spine and orthopedic specialist day to see if they can help you figure out what is going on in your hips. Don’t wait till your sciatic nerve seizes up and you completely lose loss of movement in your legs. This is not a very good thing and would be a pain to have some type of surgery to fix it.

As spine orthopedic specialists in Tulsa Dr. Sparks and Dr. Pratt sure he love to find alternate methods of therapy for any type of problem in your body. If your sciatic nerve is acting up and you can’t get it to calm down, they can do a laparoscopic surgery to adjust your sciatic nerve and put it back in its correct place. This can put your flexibility back to where you wanted it like before when you are able to do the splits. Don’t worry and don’t fret, they are really very knowledgeable and can definitely help you out. They have over 20 years of experience in this field and are ready to help tackle your problem.

Don’t let a problem like your sciatic nerve keep you from going to cross it. Your squats might take a backseat for a couple weeks but you will enjoy all of the progress that you’ll gain after your repair were surgery. There is nothing better than being a little walk in the gym and do whatever you want. Call spine orthopedic specialists today at 918-664-4448 to find out what is causing you pain and find out how they can help you fix it and prevent it.