Mooom He Pinched Me! ; Pinched Nerve

This content was written for Dr. Parchuri

Don’t you just hate hearing that line from your kids? Mom he pinched me. It causes headaches, it is very annoying, don’t you just wish they would go away and stop bothering you?. Well a pinched nerve gives similar effects. Dr. Parchuri at Tulsa spine and orthopedic specialists love treating this problem. Call them today if you are experiencing miss comfort with your nerves in any area of your body 539-664-4448. Some of side effects that you will encounter are headaches numbing tingling sensation and sometimes nerve damage.

A pinched nerve is not something anybody enjoys. It can be caused by any number of things. You could sleep wrong on your back. You could bend over to pick something up and easily pinched a nerve in your back. I have pinched a nerve in my arms just by putting my arm around my wife at church, or at the movies. It is a very very easy thing to accidentally do. Not to worry though, Dr. Parchuri and his staff are well equipped to adjust you in such a way to free up your nerve. Restoring full function and feeling to all your extremities.

What can a pinched nerve due to you? If you pinched a nerve in your neck you could possibly cut off the signal to your brain, causing your brain not to know what’s going on. This can sometimes cause a headache. If you are picking something up off the ground and pensioner in your lower back a good have a burning sensation around your spine. Or same thing with your shoulders and upper back, you could lose feeling in your fingertips. It is a very common happenstance. Nothing to stress about or lose sleep over. The doctors at spine and orthopedic specialist have got your back├ľ Pun intended.

Does it hurt, when they un-pinch your nerve? Not at all. It is a very simple and easy process. They find the nerve that’s pinched, usually between two bones, and adjust those bones accordingly to free up the movement in that area of your body. It is a very painless process and something they are very skilled at. You can trust your life with them when it comes to things like this. They take extra care when it comes to the nerves and anything that has to do with the spine or brain. There is nothing to worry about.

How long does it take for the procedure? And how long does it take for the feeling to come back in my extremities. It all depends on which nerves have been pinched. Some of them are harder to access, and some of them are right at the surface of the skin. Now it comes to, how quickly will the pain/numbness go away, that all depends on how long it has been pinched. Sometimes it can take up two months for you to regain your feeling. Your body has to relearn that neurological pathway from the brain to that area of the body. It’s like learning how to ride your bike when you were a kid, if you haven’t ridden your bike in a long time it might be a little bit shaky getting back on. Same thing with your nurves, your body just has to relearn the right path.