Owasso Spine Surgery  – the Owasso spine surgery is tackling the root of the problem.

This content is written for Dr Parchuri

Have you ever noticed how a door in your house doesn’t close as well as it did yesterday? Maybe there’s a crack slowly growing in the wall, or your floors are shifting slowly day by day? It happens so slowly you don’t notice it until there’s been a dramatic change. Whether your sanding down the door, or patching the wall. The problem keeps coming back because you are only tackling the symptom. You’ll never fix the situation with band aid solutions. And the Owasso Spine Surgery specialist, Dr Parchuri from the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists knows just how true this is. When it comes to you back you can mask the pain with over the counter paint killers. You can go get massages to help alleviate the pain. But it is going to keep coming back.

That’s the problem when you choose to fix a symptom. You don’t fix the problem. You are just fixing one of the messengers your body is trying to send you to let you know something is wrong. Your body is like your house. If your door isn’t closing right or you have a wall cracking, chances are you’ve got foundation issues and in many ways, your spine is like the foundation of your body. And no one knows this better than the Owasso Spine Surgery specialist Dr. Parchuri. He’s going to assess the root of the problem and find the quickest and less invasive solution available to help make sure your foundation remains strong.

Slipped discs can cause skin irritation. Going to the doctor for skin irritations isn’t going to fix the slipped disc so at the end of the day nothing the doctor does is going to work for any extended period of time. But by fixing the slipped disc with help from the Owasso Spine Surgery specialist Dr. Parchuri at the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists will help alleviate the root of the problem, which in turn will alleviate all the symptoms associated with it.

No one wants recurring medical situations. No one wants to have that nagging medical condition that they can’t shake. No one wants to spend years of their lives with a malady they know now that they could have gotten rid of a long time ago had they just called the Owasso Spine Surgery specialist Dr. parchuri and had him go over an in-depth consultation of the cause of their symptoms and what can be done to alleviate it along with all of the symptoms associated with it.

So do not waste any more time living with a condition that you would rather live without. Call Dr. Parchuri and the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists of Tulsa at 539-664-4448 and find out what they can do to help you change your day to day life, because you deserve better than living day in and day out without having your full range of motion, or suffering from shooting pains from a pinched nerve. Contact Dr. Parchuri and change your life for the better.

Owasso Spine Surgery – Knowing Your Options with the spine surgery specialist.

This content is written for Dr Parchuri

Everyone wants options. Life is made up of choices and the choice always comes down to the options available to you at the time. No one wants to live in a world of limited options. No one wants to feel like their choices are being made for them. The Owasso spine surgery specialist, Dr. Parchuri knows how much you value the treatment options he can give you. He understands that when it comes down to medical treatments people tend to feel boxed into their situations, and just do what they’re told to do by the people behind the counter. “Fill this out. Give us this form. Go sit down and we’ll call you when we need more information.” It’s a run around.

The  Spine Surgery Specialist, Dr. Parchuri, has a lot of options available to help you get your life back on track and help you get back to living your dreams. And he knows that it is important for you to know every tool available to you to help your condition. That’s why from the beginning Dr. Parchuri provides you a variety of options that put the control of your treatment in your hands. He will not push you into any unnecessary treatments. No unneeded medications are given, and if your condition can be treated in a non-invasive manner that that is how it is going to be treated.

No one likes being put into a box. No one wants to go under a knife or needle without first knowing what other options they had available to them. When you lose your ability to make the choices for yourself you lose the free will aspect and in turn it feels like you are being treated unlike a human being ought to be treated. That’s why it is so important to Dr. Parchuri, the  Spine Surgery specialist, that you know he’s going to give you every option available to make sure you are comfortable in his care.

So if you value being treated like a human and being given the options you need to make the best choice possible for yourself or a loved one there really is no other choice than to pick up your phone and call Dr. Parchuri at 539-664-4448 today and book a consultation. He’ll sit down with you and talk to you like a person, not a pay check, and go over all the different treatment options he and his team have available. From minimally invasive cement treatments for broken or fractured discs, non invasive neuropathy treatments, or actual spine surgery, Dr. Parchuri has all the answers you need to make your decision and walk out of his office feeling like you’ve made the right choice and picked the best treatment option for your lifestyle and condition.

So do not put it off anymore. Call Dr. Parchuri at the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists of Tulsa at 539-664-4448 and book your appointment today. You may have other options out there, but none of the others are this good.