OMG He Must Be On Steroids ; Sports Related Back and neck injuries.

This content was written for Dr. Parchuri

But I thought that steroids are illegal! Not all steroids are created equal. When it comes to Sports Related Back and neck injuries. Dr. Parchuri at spine and orthopedic specialists are the front runner in this department. Call them at 539-664-4448 to set up an appointment now. But why ould I want to call and have them inject steroids into me? Won’t I get arrested and go to jail? I’m glad you asked..

Let’s take a deeper look at what steroid really are. The steroids you are talking about are actually human growth hormones. Most commonly known as HGH. Now HGH is a performance enhancing drug. Banned from most athletic corporations. If you get caught with injected human growth hormones or PED’s, you could be in really big trouble. Performance enhancing drugs give players an extra edge on the competition. Making them seem as if they are superhuman. Take Barry Bonds for instance. When he started taking human growth hormones, he started hitting home runs on a regular basis, which he did not before. They gave him that extra power behind the bat when he swung at the ball, in essence launching the ball further over the stadium. Now those are illegal.

The steroids that Dr. Parchuri uses are a repairing steroid injection when it comes to Sports Related Back and neck injuries. Let’s give you an example. You are going for a nice run through your neighborhood, but you forgot the stretch before hand. You get about one quarter of a mile into your run and you decide you want to take off in a sprint and see what you can do. Your muscles were not properly warmed up and so now you risk snapping your ACL. An ACL surgery repair can take up to six months to a year to recover fully. Having a steroid injected speeds up the process of recovery. But how do steroids cause your body to repair faster?

Let’s talk about what a steroid really is. We all know about carbohydrates, and fats, and proteins. Did you know that steroids are actually a protein. They are a scientifically modified protein. What does protein due to the body? Protein builds muscle. The more chicken and steak that you eat, the more muscle your body produces. Now, steroids, are a synthetic protein scientifically engineered to work faster than a natural protein. So when you have an injury, your body needs to build your muscle backup, it only makes sense to have an injection to quickly rebuild that muscle faster than a natural protein would. Of course you could go the all-natural route and just eat a ton of chicken and a ton of steak. But most people aren’t that patient.

Nowadays we live in the world where with Sports Related Back and neck injuries, everything has to happen right away and shipped to our front door the next day. So it only makes sense that people want to recover as quickly and instantly as possible. For those people that are not patient enough to wait and let the body do its job properly, steroids are a good option for them.539-664-4448 is the only thing you should be thinking about right now.