Let Me Read Your Mind ; Neurotherapy treatment

This content was written for Dr. Parchuri

Look into my eyes, listen to the words I’m saying, now, on the count of three I am going to snap my fingers and you are going to do everything I command. Hypnosis may not be real, but Neurotherapy treatment is very real. Dr. Parchuri has the latest advancements in spinal therapy in the Tulsa area 539-664-4448. If your body is giving you fits, but no other chiropractor or doctor is able to figure out what it might be, the Tulsa spine and orthopedic specialists have the tools to read your mind.

Neurotherapy treatment is a very new technology that allows doctors to look deep inside your cranium and find out what is going on. Sometimes in life you might be faced with a problem and you just wish that you could read someone’s thoughts and figure out how to fix the problem. That is what Doctor Parchuri and his staff offer as one of their many treatment options. They know how to tap into the bodies main computer and pull the codes to figure out what’s going on by process of elimination.

Every car that is driving on the road today has a computer that runs all of the components under the hood. When you press the gas pedal it triggers a signal in the computer which tells the carburetor to open up and suck in more air. Just like every other part of the car you do one thing and it triggers another thing, because the computer is basically the brain of the car. If something is going wrong with your automobile, you take it to the shop, they hook it up to a scanner, and it reads what the computer is saying is wrong with the car. The mechanic can then read these codes and determine how to effectively work on and repair your vehicle.

Dr. Parchuri goes through similar steps when it comes to the body. Many times ailments don’t act the same as most others do. They hook up sensors on your head and record brainwave activity. This noggin activity can be read the same as a car’s computer. When you move your left foot and orange light flickers on the screen, the same when you pinch your right forearm. By running tests with the electrodes placed on your head they are able to pinpoint what is working, and what is not working correctly. By process of elimination they are able to get you back on track.

The body can be a mystery, but Neurotherapy treatment can help navigate the human system. As the human race evolves and advances, the technology that we have two treat the body is getting more and more advanced. Don’t let this procedure scare you into thinking that they are reading your thoughts. They cannot read your thoughts, all they can see is the reaction your brain makes when something in the body is not working correctly. It is a very harmless and very very effective form of diagnosing a symptom. Call them at 539-664-4448 to get started.