Do the Stanky Leg | Leg Numbness and Tingling

This content was writtten for Dr. Parchuri

There is a new dance taking this country by storm. It is called the stanky leg. It was created by a very fast popstar artist and is now becoming a viral dance move. The song is very catchy and very fun to listen to. The dance is really funny and supposedly very cool. Sometimes you can wake up and feel like you have that stinky leg. With leg numbness and tingling everywhere. Dr. Sparks and Dr. Park sure he at spine and orthopedic specialists would love to have you join them at their clinic today. Call them at 918-664-4448 see what they can do about your stanky leg.

Sometimes if you get symptoms such as leg numbness and tingling, it can because by a pinched nerve in your spine somewhere. This is not something that you want to try and figure on your own, because by such an needs an expert physician to navigate the highway. The doctors at spine orthopedic specialists are just these such doctors. They could figure out and pinpoint just where your pinched nerve is so they can adjust your back properly and alleviate this problem. It is nothing to be afraid of, it is a very common problem and can be solved very easily. You just need to know the right people to talk to and how to get it resolved.

Dr. Park sure he and Dr. Sparks at spine orthopedic specialists of Tulsa have been helping people with their leg numbness and tingling for over 20 years combined in the Tulsa area. They have many years of experience in the field and would love to see if they can be of any help to you. Don’t on the rest of your life with a bum leg like a pirate. Don’t just take life as it handed to you. Kick in the nuts if you will. Tell your life who is boss and through your mediocrity. Numbness in the leg is not very comfortable, nor is it very convenient. It shows up in all the most random times and does not care what you think.

Could be at your son’s baseball game and whammo there is the numbness that we were talking about, and tingling that is the feeling of your nerves going sporadic. Don’t confuse this for the same thing happens when you are taking a dump and your spending a little too much time in there than you need. This is caused by your own fault. You sit there with your elbows on your knees and cut off all the boat blood flow major arteries causing your legs to go numb and eventually when the blood rushes back to your legs it tingles like crazy and and hurts to walk. This is not what we are talking about. This is your own fault and what were talking about is something such as a pinched nerve caused by sleeping wrong or picking up something in the wrong way.

At spine and orthopedic specialists of Tulsa Dr. Sparks and Dr. Park sure he would love to get you into their office so they can meet you. They would love to become your friends and Dr. today. And like to treat their patients just like their family. Most respect and there interest. They are ready to help you go to more children games. Call them at 918-664-4448 see what they can do for you.