Back Pain Relief

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There is a thing called an epidural steroid injection that is utilized to help people with back pain issues. These back pain issues could be an injury to the spinal cord that is causing pain in the arms or legs. What is then performed is an epidural steroid injection is placed into the spine to eliminate or reduce the inflammation of that area of the spine causing the pain in the arms and the legs. This can be a very successful treatment for some people in the elimination of their pain due to their spinal injury. To find out if an epidural steroid injection is right for you and your back pain call Dr. Parchuri at the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists by dialing 539-664-4448.

Dr. Parchuri is passionate about helping people get back to their normal way of living pain-free as fast as he can. He wants to ensure that he creates a functioning human being free of pain with as noninvasive and nonsurgical methods as he possibly can. For the people that do need surgical methods, he is sure that he does as little as he has to do to correct the issue. He is not one to do surgery just for surgery sake. He only will perform surgery if surgery is absolutely necessary.

Because the thing about working with Dr. Parchuri over working with somebody like a chiropractor or another nonsurgical medical professional is that Dr. Parchuri can perform spine surgery when spine surgery is necessary. However, the other benefit of working specifically with Dr. Parchuri over working with any other spine surgeon is the fact that he will exhaust all non-surgical methods of treatment before resorting to surgery. Therefore, he provides the best of both worlds. He is able to do surgery when surgery is necessary. However, he will only do surgery when surgery is necessary.

Two of the simplest treatment options that he will prescribe to people include losing weight and restricting movement. By restricting movement, he is restricting the range of motion that somebody will get into to injure or hurt their back. By losing weight, he is helping to decrease the amount of stress and pressure on the spinal column. This helps to reduce the pain and the pressure being applied to the area of injury. These are two of the easiest nonsurgical and noninvasive treatment options. Sometimes these will fix the issue.

However, many times the issue is more serious and needs more treatment options and more in-depth treatment options. This is where the steroid injection will come in handy. The epidural steroid injection is more invasive than losing the weight or the movement restrictions, however, it is not as invasive as surgery. Therefore, it provides a good option for many people. They are able to get pain relief without having to have major surgery done on their spine. Instead, they just get an injection every few months to help them relieve themselves of pain. To find out what is the best option for you and your pain call 539-664-4448.

Back Pain Treatments with Steroids

This content was written for Parchuri

A frequently used nonsurgical and noninvasive treatment for back issues that are causing arm and leg pain is called an epidural steroid injection. An epidural steroid injection is an injection that is applied to the spine in the area that is causing the leg and arm pain. What the steroid does is it helps to reduce the inflammation in that area which then helps to reduce the pain in the arms and the legs. To determine if an epidural steroid injection is a proper treatment for you to reduce your pain contact Dr. Parchuri at the Spine Orthopedic Specialists by calling 539-664-4448.

He will be held to determine if this is the best treatment for you and your pain or if there is a better option available. Many times this option is extremely successful in eliminating people’s pain. Other times the steroid injection is not quite enough if the injury is severe enough. The other issue with the epidural steroid injection is that it can only be used about three times per year. Therefore, if it wears off faster than about every four months than you’re going to have to utilize some other treatment options as well.

By sitting down and discussing your issues with Dr. Parchuri, he will be able to prescribe a specific treatment protocol for you to help rid you of your back pain and get back to a normal way of life. His entire goal with all of his patients is to get them back to a normal way of living as fast as he can and as safe as he can. The key part there is as safe as he can. Therefore, he doesn’t immediately go for surgical options to fix spinal issues. He will first use all possible noninvasive and nonsurgical methods of treatment.

Some of the noninvasive and nonsurgical methods of treatment include activity modification and proper lifting technique, weight loss, smoking cessation, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medications, spinal injections, bracing, and physical therapy. All of these modalities of treatment are noninvasive and nonsurgical. He will make sure that he utilizes these in the proper way, so they have the greatest benefit for the reduction of your pain and your ability to get back to a normal way of living. He understands how debilitating back pain can be and wants to ensure that he relieves you of it as fast as he possibly can.

For some patients, none of these noninvasive and nonsurgical methods are going to get the job done. For those people, he will recommend spinal surgery. This is one of the good things about going to a spinal surgeon such as Dr. Parchuri. Dr. Parchuri is able to perform surgery if surgery is needed. However, he will make sure that if he is performing surgery, surgery is the only option. If you are struggling with back pain or are having pain due to a back injury in other areas of your body you’re going to want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Parchuri as soon as possible.