My Baby Is Going To Be Jacked! ; Epidural Steroid Injection

This content was written for Dr. Parchuri

Dr. Parchuri and his staff at spine and orthopedic specialists are the elite doctors when it comes to epidural steroid injection. What is this injection and why should I get it? What is the success rate with an epidural injection. is it a very common procedure? These are all very good questions and they can all be answered by the professionals at 539-664-4448.

Anytime someone gets pregnant they have millions of decisions they have to make. They have to decide how they want to raise a child. These steroids have nothing to do with building muscle, or making your baby jacked. There is no negative side effect. This is a very common procedure used by many. Do they want an organic life for their infant? Or do they want a life with all the latest scientific discoveries? The decision is tough indeed. When it comes to giving birth the mother has to decide whether she wants a natural birth, or a epidural steroid injection to help aid in the process. Having a baby is very strenuous. The female body does not need the extra stress from overthinking her pregnancy.

For many, an epidural injection is the most logical path to go when they are thinking about their pregnancy. Kudos to all the ladies who opt out, and decide to have a natural birth. An epidural steroid injection is very common because it makes for a pain-free labor. One quick yes, and here comes the doctor. They are standing by to make your pregnancy as memorable as possible. And most of the time pain just clouds the judgment of your pregnancy. You might not remember all the magical moments because you were in so much pain.

Dr. Parchuri when given the okay will come into your room when the time is right. They have a needle that is roughly 12 inches long and they insert this injection all the way up your spine. This numbs your spine which numbs the nurves that go to anything below that injection. When it’s time to push the baby out, you won’t feel any pain, you will just be able to focus on pushing your baby out. You wont remember any of the pain because you didn’t have any. So you get to focus on delivering your new child.

Some mothers frown on this decision. They think that this is an unnatural way to go, Because the Bible says that women will have pain in child birth. But really the only thing that’s different between their birth and someone who has an injection, is just the feeling or the pain. Not feeling the pain doesn’t make it any less real than feeling all the pain. It honestly is just a preference. Some people would rather feel every part of it, they believe that is a more magical feeling. But some would rather just focus on the delivery and focus on their baby newborn. Dr. Parchuri will be on call for you if you decide to go with their steady hand for the epidural injection. They can be reached at 539-664-4448.