Darth Vader Is Your Spine Doctor; Laser Spine Surgery

This content was written for Dr. Parchuri

Technology can be a scary thing for some people. Some people wished that we were still back in the Stone Age days where everything was done with pen and paper and every surgery was done by hand. There is nothing to worry about the new technology these days, when it comes to repairing the human body. Technology can sometimes be better than the original way. Doctor Parchuri with spine and orthopedic specialists are experts when it comes to the latest advancements in laser spine surgery. Call them at 539-664-4448.

Back in the medieval days people would go to the bathroom in a bucket and throw it right outside the window. They thought nothing of this, they thought it was no big deal. But because they didn’t know anything about germs, many people died. This is when the black plague happened. There was no discovery of germs at this time. Doctors, or people who studied medicine would not wash their hands before cutting you open. Not until someone found out that germs are actually bad for you did they start washing their hands and people stopped throwing their fecal matter out the window in the common streets. Once this happened, the world became a cleaner place, and people started to die less often.

Science is a good thing when we learn more and more about this earth that we live on. We find new elements. We find new medicines. We are able to now perform laser spine surgery. It is a less invasive option than the scalpel. It is more effective, and takes less time to recover from this operation. Science is supposed to advance humanity forward, not hold us back. So if you have any reservations when it comes to surgery on your body, rest assured that Doctor Parchuri has the best intentions at heart. He wants to get you back to your best life. He wants to fix your back so you can continue doing the things that you like to do.

Playing golf playing basketball playing football playing hockey playing with your kids. These are all things that you can only be done if you have a nice healthy back. Laser spine surgery is an option that will allow you to fix your back with minimal recovery and minimal invasion, so you can quickly get back to the things you love to do. Would you rather have a scar? Or would you rather have no scar, and no evidence that there was ever a surgery done on you. With a laser surgery, there will be no evidence that you were worked on.

Your quality of life is dependent on how well your body works the way it is supposed to. If a couple things are not up to par, everything else will fall part. Take your back for example, you use your back for every little thing that you do. Your arms, your legs, your neck, your hips, they are all connected to your spine. Your spine is the most important part of your body. Your nerves, your organs, your brain, everything is hooked up to your spine. Keep it healthy with spine and orthopedic specialists of Tulsa by calling 539-664-4448.