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This content is written for Dr Parchuri

Have you been suffering from chronic back pains or maybe a slipped disc? Have you been the victim of a car wreck that left you with limited mobility? Was your son playing football Friday night when a tackle left him with some unexpected pain or other symptoms when he woke up Monday morning? Maybe you’re not just noticing these. Maybe you’ve had this problem for a while. How long has your back been giving you these problems? Has it been longer than forty-five minutes? Did you know that it only takes a quick forty-five minute car ride down route sixty-six to get you face to face with the leading Catoosa Spine Surgery specialist, Dr. Parchuri and his team? Don’t believe me? Think it’s too good to be true? Get out your cell phone and dial in 539-664-4448 to get their address so you can plug it into your maps app and find the quickest route past the blue whale to get you to his office.

The office visit with the leading Catoosa Spine Surgery specialist will not take long and hell have you confident and ready to take action on whatever strategy the two of your decide on out of his large list of treatment options available. Nothing he does is generic, every treatment option is tailor made to fit your problem. He’s not going to waste your time and take money you don’t need to be spending to have you go through procedures you don’t need. He knows you’ve lived long enough with these problems and he wants to make your recovery as quick as possible. You’ve lived this long with back problems. Pick up the phone and call Dr. Parchuri art 539-664-4448 right now to get yourself set up on the quickest possible route to recovery, do not waste another minute.

You’ll find the leading Catoosa Spine Surgery specialist conveniently located at the Tulsa office for the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists, just a quick forty-five minutes away from Catoosa down Route sixty-six. So what are you waiting for? There is no time to waste. This is your life we’re talking about. Don’t waste it in pain. You’ve lived with the pain long enough. It only takes forty-five minutes to meet the leading Owasso Spine Surgery Specialist and get yourself on the journey to the pain free lifestyle you want and deserve.

So don’t waste anymore of your time. You aren’t getting it back, its going going gone and once its gone that’s it. Its gone. Why waste the little time we have in pain? Why not spend it with kids, grand kids, loved ones, and friends? No one wants to spend their life in pain.

So call D. Parchuri and the Spine and Ortopedic Specialists at 539-664-4448 to find out how many different treatment options are available to you to help you make the most of your time. They’re ready to help you change your life for the best. Just pick up the phone and dial the number 539-664-4448 and ask for Dr. Parchuri, the Catoosa Spine Surgery Specialist.

Catoosa Spine Surgery – surgery is right down route 66.

This content is written for Dr. Parchuri

Route Sixty-Six. The mother road. The greatest and most American road trip you can take. But what happens when you are out getting your kicks and you get in an accident. You don’t have any signs of problems to start with so you exchange insurance get a rental and hey, why not just keep going on the road trip? But in a couple weeks something isn’t right. Your range of motion is really limited and there is a sharp pain shooting through your back. What do you do? You call the Catoosa Spine Surgery Specialist, Dr. Parchuri at 539-664-4448. His office is just a hop skip and a jump back down the mother road in Tulsa, Ok and he’s ready to see you and make sure you get the treatment you need.

Dr. Parchuri knows that his role as the leading Spine Surgery Specialist comes with a lot of responsibility and that he needs to make sure you and your loved ones are given all the options and not just booked for surgery with the swipe of a credit card. He knows that road trips are a great family past time and a part of our rich Oklahoma history, but he also knows that automotive accidents can lead to a lot of not only discomfort but spinal damge. From slipped disc to fractured vertebra, Dr. Parchuri and his team over at the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists of Tulsa know their field. They see people from all walks of life and coming out of every situation day in and day out and they know just how important it is for you to get the help you need in a timely efficient manner.

But assuming that you don’t get immediately injured in your wreck, and you can carry on with your day to day life following the accident for a month or more afterwards. Why would you need to call the leading Catoosa Spine Surgery specialist at 539-664-4448 if you are fine and not experiencing any obvious back or spinal issues? Because your spine is the foundation for your nervous system and it can trigger any random reaction at will. It is extremely important that you make sure to get yourself and your loved ones checked out by Dr Parchuri and his staff after a major incident such as an automotive wreck. Small symptoms can mask very large problems that just get larger with age, and down the line you don’t want to leave yourself stranded.

Route Sixty-Six is the backbone of the American motoring experience, so it only makes sense that anytime you think Route Sixty-Six you automatically think to yourself, I need to make sure my back and spinal condition is in good shape. Getting a checkup never hurt anyone, and just like your car, your body will thrive with some preventative care.

So don’t wait, call Dr. Parchuri and the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists today at 539-664-4448 and book your appointment, consultation, or informational meeting. Getting your body in proper shape is key to living a healthy and exciting lifestyle. So remember, before you get back behind the wheel, call Dr. Parchuri and make sure you yourself aren’t in need of a tune up.