Back Pain Treatment Options

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Dr. Parchuri at the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists would be happy to discuss stem cell treatment for back problems with you if you are interested in determining if it is a good method to cure your back issues. He is an expert in both nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for back problems. He is a trained orthopedic surgeon and spine surgeon dedicated to ensuring that his patients get back to a normal quality of life pain-free as fast as possible. He stays up-to-date on the latest research and surgical techniques to ensure that he can provide his patients with the optimal level of service. To schedule an appointment with him to discuss your back issues call 539-664-4448.

Dr. Parchuri is not one of those surgeons who is going to immediately tell you that you need surgery to correct your issues. As a matter of fact, he is quite the opposite of that. He wants to make sure that he investigates and applies every nonsurgical method of treatment to you before resorting to surgery. He understands how surgery can be invasive and not always the best option for everybody. There are of course cases where surgery is the only option and is the first option.

One of the nonsurgical options that has recently come to bear fruit is the stem cell treatment for back problems. There is some promising research on the efficacy of stem cell treatments for back problems. Therefore, Dr. Parchuri is more than willing and open to talk to you about this procedure if he feels that it is one of the better treatment options for you and your back pain. Before he knows that this is the case or not he will sit down with you and have a discussion to determine what your back issues may be caused from and what exactly is going on. He wants to make sure that he has the full picture before he prescribes any type of treatment protocol whatsoever.

The staff at Spine Orthopedic Specialists is dedicated to ensuring that they get you living the same quality of life you had before your back injury and back pain struck. They want to get you to this point as soon as they possibly can and as safe as they possibly can. Therefore, they will prescribe an aggressive therapy and treatment protocol to get you back to pain-free living as fast as possible.

Some of the treatments for back pain include losing weight, reducing the amount of movement, and using braces. All of these are noninvasive, nonsurgical methods that could help to relieve you of your back pain. Others include physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and steroidal injections. These are also nonsurgical, noninvasive treatments that can help to reduce your back pain. To determine what is the best protocol for you, you’re going to want to sit down with Dr. Parchuri and discuss all of the issues that you are having. He will then put together a customized plan of action for you to rid yourself of this back pain and get back to a normal way of life.

Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment Options

This content was written for Parchuri

Have you heard of the new stem cell treatment for back problems? If you any type of  spinal cord or back issues you may want to contact Dr. Parchuri at the Spine and Orthopedic Specialists by calling 539-664-4448. This new stem cell treatment for back problems may help you solve your back pain issues. It has been proven in several studies to help people heal their spinal cord and cure themselves of their back problems. No matter what if you’re having back problems or spinal issues then you need to contact doctor Parchuri to get diagnosed, find out what’s going on, and get on some form of treatment program.

As you know, it is no fun living a life with constant back pain. In fact, it actually diminishes your quality of life. There is no sense in you going any further dealing with the back pain with a back injury that you have. We have so many good treatments and methodologies to cure back pain in this day and age that it makes no sense to grin and bear. That is why you want to contact Dr. Parchuri at the Spine Orthopedic Specialists. He will ensure that he diagnoses the issue that you’re having, and they get you on a proper treatment protocol to relieve you of the pain. Now, just because Dr. Parchuri is a spine surgeon doesn’t mean that he’s going to do spine surgery on you.

In fact, Dr. Parchuri ensures that he exhausts all noninvasive treatment protocols before even broaching the subject of spine surgery. One of these less invasive treatments is stem cell treatment for back problems. The other type of injection that Dr. Parchuri may utilize if you are experiencing leg or arm pain from a spinal injury is steroid injections. The steroid injections help to drastically decrease inflammation around the area that is causing the leg pain or arm pain. The only problem with the steroid injections is that they can only be used about twice or three times per year.

For many people, two to three times per year of steroid injections is all they need. However, for other people, two to three times a year of steroid injections just doesn’t cut it, and they still end up having pain. For these people, other nonsurgical methods are looked at and utilized. Some of those methods include physical therapy, weight loss, smoking cessation, restricted movement, and other forms of anti-inflammatories. There are many different options that Dr. Parchuri has to pick from and will utilize in a person’s back treatment protocol.

This allows him to customize the perfect plan for each individual instead of following a cookie-cutter method of treatment. He wants to ensure that he treats each patient as the individual that they are and helps them get back to a normal quality of life as soon as possible through this customized approach. If you are having back pain or suspect that you have a back issue you’re going to want to contact Dr. Parchuri.